As a passionate Freelance PHP Developer, Agile Coach and Linux Administrator, I have garnered over several years in optimizing and automating business processes and enhancing team performance and agility. A solid background in Agile Coaching with various teams has made me a great communicator with a deep focus on teamwork. Throughout my career, I have trained individuals to corporations on PHP development, deploying infrastructures using puppet and docker and how to support teams as a ScrumMaster.
Thriving in constant challenges, I am also the founder and organizer of Agile Dresden, which is a unique initiative to bring the agile spirit to the city of Dresden and to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing. I have received numerous pats on the back for my organizational skills after these events.
I have just started getting deeper into Django and Frontend Development (react, Backbone.js), but I am rather advanced beginner in Frontend terms.
I am very interested in Management 3.0 by Jurgen Appelo and share my knowledge at
I also love open source and visit conferences like FrOSCon and OpenRheinRuhr regularly as well as participate in the Fedora Linux Project and the PHP project.

My interest is in the following jobs (Remote):
- PHP development with Frameworks like Symfony 2 (Zend Certified PHP Engineer)
- Agile Coaching for teams to 9 people
- Training teams in Software Engineering
- Setting up linux clusters
- Amazon AWS
- Scaling web applications
- REST API design and implementation
- automating processes
- implementing Zendesk (Certified Partner)
- implementing Atlassian Tools (JIRA, JIRA Agile, Confluence, Stash, Crowd, Bamboo, etc.)
- candidate screening (Developer and SysAdmins)

Always keen on extending my professional network and to hear about potential remote freelance projects and any query, I can be contacted directly via LinkedIn or on



2014 September - Present

CTO, Co-Founder

Dresden Area , GERMANY

IT strategy development and managing all tech related operations Responsible to some extent for holistic business operations including recruitment and marketing.

24/7 TEACH

2015 May - Present

Director of Web Development

Dresden Area , GERMANY

24/7 TEACH is a Virtual Education services and Learning Management System platform for Home-schools and Charter-schools. It provides parents the tools to understand their children's educational needs and support their academic growth. Managing all web development initiatives including constantly improving the platform and bringing process innovations.

vations IT UG

2012 December - Present

Software (Dev & Linux) Consultant and Agile Coach

Dresden Area , GERMANY

In our modern world fast adaption and an agile approach on development and design is key for success. Vations help you setup your projects using scrum or kanban for fast growth and optimize them for success. Providing consultancy and advice on how to make software architectures (linux based) highly available and support development teams with know how on how to use service orientation to scale web applications more efficiently and in a faster pace. We also offer lean and agile management approaches (scrum and kanban) and advice on software to implement for being more productive. If the client chose one, we help with implementation - most likely in small scrum or kanban teams. Teams who want to improve their skills use our services in terms of training. We teach 1 on 1 to whole teams in the field of development (PHP, Agile, Server Administration, e.g.) and DevOps with but not limited to puppet and Amazon AWS.

Sg-Medien GmbH

2012 January - 2012 December

CIO, Project Manager

Mörlenbach , GERMANY

Sg-Medien GmbH provides online marketing and web design services to a plethora of clients from various business activities and sectors. Involved in the management of all technical operations to keep the company on track Participated in sales and marketing initiatives


Dealcollector GmbH

January 2012

Software (Dev & Linux) Consultant and Agile Coach

We developed features for the Dealcollector platform and related processing-systems. The entire stack is custom built and it's foundation is PHP 5 and MySQL. We also implemented a BigData Interface by using redis and MongoDB as well as Elasticsearch to be able to have B2B customers filter all deals ever aggregated and allowing to take use of our metadata and scoring factors. Servers are based on Ubuntu Linux and Debian Linux with MySQL Master <-> Master replication.

DevOps and AWS support for

September 2014

Software (Dev & Linux) Consultant and Agile Coach

The grasswire founders wanted to deploy their entire tech stack on Amazon AWS and got stuck while using packer to package their application into AMI's and using terraform to deploy this into the cloud. We assisted in optimizing the build process, developed several scripts to ensure successful deployments and gave advice on how to take the most advantage of Amazon AWS with internal networks, access control and hardening and the different AWS products. We also took care of adding SSL encryption to the site.

PHP, Wordpress, Linux and Puppet Training

Software (Dev & Linux) Consultant and Agile Coach Relaunch

March 2015

Software (Dev & Linux) Consultant and Agile Coach

Tech Open Air Satellite Platform

June 2015

Software (Dev & Linux) Consultant and Agile Coach

Objective of this project was to establish a platform where the event organizers are able to manage all satellite events in the Wordpress admin panel and on Eventbrite and to display all events on a map with a brief description and outgoing link to the related Eventbrite sales page. I implemented the map, list of events based on the foundation of last years developer to not start from scratch and finalized it to this years requirements. The most loved feature of this system to date is the functionality to pull all information like title, description, location and way more using the Eventbrite API and by doing this take away the need to update everything on two places manually.

Backend Developer

August 2015

Software (Dev & Linux) Consultant and Agile Coach

Backend Development for the style lounge platform rebuild using PHP, nodejs, Symfony2, Silex, RabbitMQ, docker e.g. Strong focus on architecture and clean code as well as design patterns.


December 2013

Software (Dev & Linux) Consultant and Agile Coach

I started at LOVOO evaluating Customer Service products like Zendesk, and others. After several rounds of discussion we decided to implement Zendesk and I was in charge for all this. The job included but was not limited to architecture and implementation into the current backend. After completion of the mayor tasks on this I moved on to build highly efficient Scrum Teams which ended up in me being the ScrumMaster for 6 teams which 2 other ScrumMasters now take care of. I then built an automatization unit including candidate screenings and job interviews for building a platform used by employees to improve their daily tasks based on Symfony2, react, Backbone.js and docker and Jenkins for deployment.


  • Scrum
  • Subversion
  • JIRA
  • Nginx
  • Design Patterns
  • MySQL
  • OOP
  • Start-ups
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Web Applications
  • E-commerce
  • Software Development
  • Github
  • PHP
  • Mobile Applications
  • Bash
  • CentOS
  • Web Development
  • User Experience
  • Git
  • Java
  • Linux
  • Cloud Computing
  • Communication
  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • IT Strategy
  • IT Management
  • IT Operations
  • Project Management


  • FOM Hochschule für Oekonomoe & Management


    Bachelor's degree, Wirtschaftsinformatik


  • Zend Certified PHP Developer
  • First Certificate of English
  • Certified Scrum Master