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SAFe LSE-Lean Systems Engineering

Sun 06 Dec 2015 03:10

SAFe LSE - Lean Systems Engineering


SAFe LSE is the first-ever framework that provides the values, principles, practices, and organizational constructs necessary to build and deploy complex, cyber-physical systems faster with higher quality.

SAFe LSE Framework

Designed to meet the growing needs of those building the world’s most complex systems that contain aerospace, mechanical, electrical, fluidics, optics and other elements that are increasingly software intensive, the SAFe LSE framework is based on four primary knowledge pools:

  1. Classical systems engineering,
  2. Lean thinking,
  3. Agile and scaled Agile (SAFe) development
  4. Lean Product Development.



SAFe LSE is comprehensive set of values, principles and practice guidance that systems builders can use to build large scale intensive systems (often called cyber - physical systems) in lean agile manner.


SAFe LSE also features about Program Portfolio, Governance for software solutions with visibility and alignment.


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