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Entrepreneurs and Automation

Wed 22 Feb 2017 13:14

We have seen many tech startup shutdowns due to the traditional and manual way of working. It’s hard to accept failure, especially when entrepreneurs has passed through many emotional phases and sacrifice.

  • Money crisis

Entrepreneurs are always under pressure to sustain start-up until they get external funding or paying customers. Meanwhile, they have to manage overall operational cost from their hard earned money thus feeling for money crisis is almost there all the time.

  • Frustration

For Entrepreneurs, frustration is the shadow. They plan something amazing every day and fail quite a most of the time. They really can’t avoid it.

  • Insecurity

Entrepreneurs face many road blockers in the day to day life. However, their biggest challenges, like insecurity and self-doubt comes from within. Entrepreneurs often feel insecure in their actions and this can be critical to their work performance decision making and success.

  • Self-worth issues

During the journey of entrepreneurship, there are many failures and those make you feel that you aren’t worth anything.

  • Anxiety 

Entrepreneurs are managing multiple portfolios such as Customers acquisition, Monthly expenditure, Product development, Team management, Building right team & much more. Doing all these with limited time and resources require them to work immensely under stress that leads to the anxiety.

  • Addiction of work

Entrepreneurs are passionate by nature. Because of many roles and responsibilities, they become addictive and obsessive. The habitual entrepreneurs display symptoms of behavioral addictions such as obsessive thoughts, withdrawal-engagement cycles, and negative emotional outcomes.

  • Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders have become common in entrepreneurs. Due to higher ambition, they keep working to meet the optimistic deadlines and they mess up the sleep schedule. Lack of sleep affects the productivity.

  • Family relationships suffer & No social life

Limited time, money and resources enforce you to put your energy behind your idea execution only. Thus no or limited time to your family. Even when you sit with them, you discuss your business, customer, hurdles and opportunities while they expect your quality time to discuss personal issues, commitments etc.

I am not trying to scare you, so many entrepreneurs have experienced the same during start-up journey. Don’t let hard scarifies collapsed because of lack of processes and automation.

Implement Agile & DevOps now!

Many of the start-up companies waste lots of time behind manual work and internal processes issues. Here is just an introduction of DevOps & what it brings you.

What is DevOps?

In traditional organizations, there are different groups for development and operations. The development team is responsible for writing code and delivering software. The Ops team is responsible for deploying releases, managing systems, security, and environment stability. DevOps is a Philosophy or Method to bring them (Dev and Ops) together to improve the overall development, deployment, and management process.


DevOps remove the interruptions of communication between operation and development. The primary focus of DevOps is on efficiency and reducing risk while building and deploying software. Avoid situation with atomize testing like, “Sorry the deployment failed. We didn’t test on that platform.” It promotes collaboration to solve problems experienced by both teams.




According to puppet lab survey, Companies that incorporate DevOps practices get more done, plain and simple. They deploy code up to 30 times more frequently than their competition. And less than 50% of their deployments fail.




Releasing Software


Continuous software delivery can increase companies' speed to market with high-quality digital products and services.  



The difference of traditional and DevOps delivery


Traditional Delivery

Continuous Delivery

Time to delivery

Internal software release once every 3-6 months

Internal software release multiple times a week (or daily)

Quality and testing

Manual testing of up to 50% of software releases performed by large teams

Automated testing with more than 80% coverage requires limited human intervention to validate

Software deployment

Manual deployment of software can take 30-50 individual steps

Fully automated deployment of software requires only one-click to launch more than 50 steps at a time

Monitoring and support

Reactive software-monitoring issues, downtime reported to users in hours, days

Proactive software health-monitoring issues, downtime reported to users in seconds; preventive actions taken at thresholds

Infrastructure setup

Infrastructure setup can take 3-4 weeks or longer, manual and highly error-prone process

Automated provisioning of new infrastructure setup and configuration in less than 10 minutes end to end


Manual testing uses up resources, which can be seen as a waste by developers, especially when they have other important projects to work on. This is exactly why automating tests is important



Benefits of DevOps

  • Increase efficiency – less waste

  • Decrease time to commit software changes

  • Automate tests

  • Identify defects/issues quickly

  • Automate the build process

  • Simplify the deployment process

  • Make deployments reproducible

  • Quicker mitigation of software defects

  • Better resource management

  • Reduced human errors

  • Enhanced version control

  • Stable operating environment

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