by Eduard Garcia Castello Mon 21 Dec 2015 10:10

How do you feel when you realize you are working in a non-agile environment?

by Padmaraj Nidagundi Thu 10 Dec 2015 12:10

Scrum Testing Best Practices - Tester mission in scrum: With scrum software tester need to be more test analyst at the beginning to know about what products it is,

by venkat venkat Sun 06 Dec 2015 03:10

SAFe LSE helps to build complex software intensive systems in Lean Agile Manner

by Rob Myers Mon 30 Nov 2015 19:09

An investigation of metrics that may be used to measure the success derived from using TDD on numerous teams.

by Mario Lucero Tue 24 Nov 2015 11:09

The idea of this article is pointing out a big issue with the duty of Product Owner

by Mario Lucero Tue 24 Nov 2015 11:09

One of the main issues with Product Owners is most of them have to do extra duties so they have to miss important Scrum ceremonies for lacking of time

by Maciej Trojniarz Sun 22 Nov 2015 11:09

Scrum framework does not resolve software development problems. It helps to identify pain points and allowing the teams to adapt.

by Shaf Cangil Sun 08 Nov 2015 16:09

When you join any Scrum team there’s a strong likely hood that certain characters and strengths you possess emerge as a result of that particular combination of people. Here's...

by Mrugesh Panchal123 Mon 12 Jan 2015 00:08

Software products penetrate almost every aspect of human existence today. They manifest themselves in a multitude of manner, and remain omnipresent in a host of devices rang...

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