Implement Agile and DevOps to deliver faster

Agile Event by Quickscrum in Ahmedabad

This program aims to automize software engineering process for any small team. Mostly suited to Start up, Small organization - 5 to 30 team size or Small team of any large scale organization.

  • Preliminary Assessment

    • Elaborate the key expectation from engagement
    • Analyze existing process, tools and techniques
    • Understand existing team structure
    • Define Key roles and responsibilities
    • Prepare right agile transformation strategy that suits to your organization
  • Agile Transformation by Coach

    • Introduction to Scrum
    • Plan a sprint based on team capacity
    • Execute all Scrum ceremonies on day to day basis
    • Conduct Product backlog grooming session
    • Monitor sprint health

    • Product backlog management
    • Release planning
    • Sprint Planning
    • Scrum Board
    • Kanban
    • TimeSheet
    • Ceremonies
    • Reporting

    Continuous integration - CI

    • Unit Testing
    • Functional Testing – Selenium training & implementation
    • Static code analyzer – Standardization code & Quality improvements

    Continuous Delivery - CD

    Continuous Monitoring and external auditing

  • A thorough understanding of Scrum fundamentals and processes

  • High quality deliverables

  • Real time statistics for decision making

  • Optimum utilization for existing human resources

  • Better communication and transparency

  • Develop team mindset for continuous improvement

  • Continuous software delivery

  • Most stable operating environments

  • Faster resolution of bugs/issue