Managing Quickscrum

QuickScrum Help

Account Configuration

Account configuration section allows you to set up your Timezone based on your country selection. You can also configure your Weekly working availability such as Week Off days and Total Working hours per day.


To manage Account Configuration settings,


       1.  Click on Admin.

       2.  Select Company Admin Option. 



       3.  Go to Account Configuration tab.

       4.  Do the require changes and click on Save.







Select the country from where you are operating your work/ Select the country you are belonging to.


Time zone:

You’ll able to select time zones of the country you have selected.


Working Days:

You can select no. of your working days i.e. 5 or 6. If you are working for 6 days system will ask you for “First day of week off” and if you are working for 5 days system will ask you for “First day of week off” and “Second day of week off”.


First day of week off:

You can mention the day you are going to be off from the work so system can calculate your availability accordingly. You can select the day off from the drop down displaying all days of week.


Working hours per day:

You can enter the no. of working hours you are going to work per day so system will calculate your availability accordingly.


For instance: If you are going to work for 5 days from Monday to Friday for 8 hours system will reflect your total availability 40 hours and on Saturday and Sunday it will reflect 0 hours in your availability.