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In a market driven by cutting edge technologies and fierce competition levels, Agile and Scrum framework offer a proven way to accelerate growth by delivering top quality products meeting stringent quality checks. Scrum focuses upon delivering high quality products, regularly and on a consistent basis, to clients based upon their unique requirements. It is the main reason why many Fortune 500 companies the world over choose Scrum as their product development methodology. Scrum principles appear to be simple and easy to understand, because they actually are. However, when it comes to implementing Scrum in a project development environment, a lot of expertise is needed to avail positive results and that’s where QuickScrum comes in – It’s the largest growing Scrum community offering each and every solution pertaining to Scrum.

Originally incepted as a Scrum tool, QuickScrum now offers a plethora of Scrum related services – Ranging from Scrum coaching and training to finding Scrum jobs posted by top Scrum employers from across the world. The community forum offers a chance to interact real time with reputed Scrum professionals who’ve spent years training and coaching top level company managements in Scrum. Scrum trainers can avail full bookings for their workshops and training sessions in their desired locations in any part of the world. There’s a lot for everyone to do on QuickScrum – Whether you’re a Scrum beginner, or an experienced Scrum professional – You’re sure to find limitless opportunities to grow!

Core Scrum Services Offered By QuickScrum

  • Scrum Community

    The largest, and quickly expanding Scrum community composed of Scrum coaches, trainers, product owners, scrum masters, certified Scrum professionals, developers, testers, beginners, experts, employers, and Scrummers worldwide. The best venue to meet people, interact with professionals, discuss Scrum, and benefit from unlimited opportunities – For all!

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  • Scrum Tool

    A versatile Agile tool based upon Scrum framework now offers a hoard of features to make project development effective and reliable. Intuitive drag-and-drop features make it very easy to create and maintain product backlogs, sprint backlogs, user stories, and tasks. Project managers can monitor the productivity levels of development teams using burn down and velocity charts. Time sheet management features help to check the productivity levels of team members while the dashboard conveys where your project is heading and what work needs to be done to meet the project deadline.

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  • Scrum Coaching

    A highly common issue faced by most Scrum coaches is to showcase their Scrum abilities and hig.hlight their experience to potential Scrum employers. QuickScrum makes it exceedingly easy for Scrum coaches to become prominent within the Scrum fraternity and get noticed by top Scrum companies and employers in different parts of the world. Moreover, coaches can get rated by sharing their articles and videos with Scrum beginners so they can become popular. Employers can search for experienced Scrum coaches who can help them to grow their business.

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  • Scrum Training

    One of the best ways of understanding Scrum is to attend workshops and training sessions conducted by experienced Scrum trainers. Recommended for beginners as well as for experienced Scrummers, the training events on QuickScrum offer a great opportunity to participate and interact with people who have been in the Scrum market for years and understand it thoroughly. You can learn the nitty-gritty of Scrum framework, prepare for your Scrum assessment exams, meet Scrum professionals from all over the world, and create your own professional network. It’s a great venue for getting full bookings and attendees – Scrum trainers can enhance their Scrum careers through QuickScrum!

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  • Learning Scrum

    Learning and understanding basic Scrum principles has always proved to be daunting to most Scrum beginners. It can be expensive and difficult to find a proper venue where you can learn Scrum basics, and subsequently master advanced Scrum topics so you can find lucrative Scrum employment in your desired locations. QuickScrum removes this impediment by supporting free memberships where Scrum learners can create their profile and access the free Scrum knowledgebase of articles and video tutorials which can aid in learning and understanding Scrum topics. The community forum is a great place where you can interact with top notch Scrum professionals from different parts of the world and have them resolve your Scrum related queries, ask assessment related questions, and seek advice about upcoming trends in the Scrum market.