Over two decades of Industry experience mostly in product development environment and bit in the services/consulting area.

A passionate senior IT & business leader with two decades of industry experience that mostly includes executing full product development processes in technology based solutions supporting corporate needs. A developed expertise in presentation skills, negotiation skills, technical knowledge, management, leadership and team-building skills. A developed expertise as an advisor and mentor to clients, team members, and other technical project teams. Skilled experience in developing relationships throughout all organizations levels crossing corporate organizational boundaries. A developed expertise in the full software development life cycle with standard and emerging technologies (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud).

Excellent management, technical, interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills contribute to success in developing and implementing strategies and technical initiatives that achieve marketing, operating, and revenue returns on investment objectives.

Solid Sales & Marketing skills.

This is how my org has certified me:

1) Approachable
2) Very ambitious
3) Trust in team
4) Breadth of knowledge
5) Caring


Revid Software Technologies Pvt Ltd

December 2014 - Present

Co-Founder and CEO

Hyderabad/Tirunelveli , INDIA

Launched public beta version of the first product, DrNuv (pronounced as 'doctor now'​) in healthcare consulting giving people in India an opportunity to 'see and talk'​ to a doctor on a live video platform with a comfort of home or office or anywhere in the world, anytime using any device (smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop). Started the 'Education' division Revid via Kupsoft Technologies. First program is getting ready to train folks on Digital Marketing.

CA Technologies

November 2009 - July 2014

Director, Software and Sustaining Engineering


• Lead Customer enablement for the IT Service Management solution program • Lead innovative content way (both mobile and web) of delivering value to customers • Lead analytics program • Lead $15 Million revenue making product line (CA Service Catalog) on the distributed side of the company • Global Sustaining engineering lead and India Engineering head • Managed all three divisions of the engineering (Development, QA and Sustaining) directly • Managed Project Management and Product management teams indirectly • Building software products and solutions • Certified Scrum Master; Applying the same in the projects for the last 3+ years • Made India teams independent • Lead engineering teams of 2 product lines • Moved work back from US as part of the company restructuring • Focus on SAAS and cloud computing solutions/products • Lead India center wide initiatives • Mentoring and coaching management teams (directors and managers) • Was part of strategic M&A, partnership activities • Partnering with Indian system integrators and global MSPs • Partnering with other stakeholders of the company and introducing innovation into products/solutions


May 2007 - November 2009

Senior Manager


• Managed Infinys CSM team, Platform team and DBA team • Previously managed CSM Environment team • Delivery manager role for Digi, Malaysia client project, Convergys Internal Installer Improvements project along with Build & Packaging R&D initiatives • Led Training program for the entire organization to get team trained on newly acquired product from BMS, China. • Played Delivery Manager role for Rating & Billing Front End Initiatives 2008 • Did complete turnaround of CSM Environment team • Hired and established CSM DBA team • Developed HYD Platform team to handle analysis & development work as part of multiple projects/enhancements • Got CSM work done by local team by building confidence in the CSM team and also having them develop CSM SME knowledge in the process • Engaged in Convergys India development center level activities in addition to CSM organization level activities


April 1999 - April 2016


Overland Park , UNITED STATES

• Led cable web services initiatives (Time Warner Cable, Massillon, Mediacom, Wide Open West, NPG, Wehco, Blue Ridge, etc.) for Enterprise Application Integration Team. • Led Sprint Nextel PeopleSoft Human Resources Conversion program. • Played a key role in the strategic and architectural direction for the external customer trouble ticket webservices program • Led and delivered Field Support Automation for Sprint’s IP and FR products • Analyzed and designed Picture Mail and Video Mail projects • Led and implemented Sprint’s First B2B project to Interact with trading partners (Cisco, Motorola, Sprint North Supply, Nortel, Accuship and Lucent.) using multiple protocols and data formats, such as XML over HTTPS, EDI, file transfer, etc. • Extensive experience providing system integration solutions end to end to order manage the workflow to fulfill Customer and Network orders across the Sprint product portfolio • Provided a centralized support for change management, data transformation, workflow packaging, and bundle aggregation. Supplied the business logic for determining the "point of no return" for a particular change request from Order Entry. • Enterprise distributed communication strategy connecting diverse organizations to a common integrated data store enabling those organizations to deploy market leading software solutions • Provided project analysis for development foundation and played many roles including IT Project Manager, Release Manager Etc. • Helped designing Service Gateway and Service Broker, a highly scalable message based applications which perform the existing format and protocol translations including SOAP and Vendor Communication System, VCS, which implements Sprint specific business rules using file format translations. • E|Solutions providing enterprise delivery of order entry data persisted to the enterprise repository and communicated to order manager workflow, provisioning, and billing systems • Next generation application infrastructure and deployment tools • Configuration Management and Version Control systems

Technet Inc.

August 1998 - March 1999

Systems Engineer


Was responsible for designing and developing the entire Market Data Book for Cosmair Inc., Clarke, NJ. Also performed tasks involving the administration of the Java Web Server. Tested the entire application on the Java Web Server. Implemented the application on IIS4.0 along with IBM’s Web Sphere Application server. Developed a Java based server process that was hosted on the FDW server for Financial Data Warehouse Alarm Monitor Intranet Project for World Bank, NY Was responsible for complete testing of all the panels including the Entry Form for HMI Intranet Project for Chrysler Corporation. Detroit. In addition to testing, all performance related issues, upgrading and look and feel of each and every component were taken care of.

Wintech Computers

January 1997 - July 1998

Web developer

Madras , INDIA

Hospitals link: Designed and Developed the website that hyperlinks the Government Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Private Clinics, 24 Hours Hospitals, 24 Hours Pharmacy. Each has got its own information and further links to related pages. Hotels link: This site was developed for the benefit of any tourist who plans a visit to Madras. The site gives you the complete information about the hotels (further divided according to their geographical references) with their star status, types of rooms, and their tariff structures. You can also find details and the reviews of the famous restaurants & coffee shops as well. Traveler’s link: Keeping in mind the travelers as well as tourists, this site has the information about the airline and train schedules. Airline schedules give information on in-bound and out-bound flights from Madras Domestic as well as International terminals. The train Timings module gives the details of trains leaving and arriving Madras Central Station and Madras Egmore Station as well as the trains passing through Madras.

PRP Computer Centre, Tirunelveli

October 1994 - December 1996


Tirunelveli , INDIA


Interest Waiver Program in C++ for Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Company,Madras

January 1996


This software in C++ computerizes to maintain the complete customers’ details like interest, penal & compound interest and Loan details and maintain the records.

Animated Simulation of Car Control System using C++ for National Engineering College, Nallatinpudur

June 1996


A Car Control System was developed in C++ using Odometer, Speedometer, and Command centers to speed the car up and down.

HMI Intranet Project for Chrysler Corporation. Detroit

September 1998

Systems Engineer

Human Machine Interface Intranet Project was developed for Chrysler Corporation, U.S. Under Phase-I, the user interacted with the IO Panel, Input, Output, Conveyors, Stations and Tracking Image. Was responsible for complete testing of all the panels including the Entry Form. In addition to testing, all performance related issues, upgrading and look and feel of each and every component were taken care of. All the six tab pages had AWT components ranging from text field, button, text area, combo box, tables with the interaction with the database through JDBC calls. Each and every minute detail that was displayed was tested with high precision. Business logic was also tested with all the tab pages along with focus lost of every control to fetch the information from the database with all the conditions satisfied.

Financial Data Warehouse Alarm Monitor Intranet Project for World Bank, NY

November 1998

Systems Engineer

Developed a Java based server process that was hosted on the FDW server. This fault Alarm Server Process listened on well-known application Port and will create worker threads to process the incoming requests from the Client Process. This then triggered the Fault Alarms. The Database that was used was Oracle. JDBC was used as the bridge between the front end and the database. Developed a Java Client Application that used the configuration Database to trigger a fault/alarm and communicate this to FDW Server via Sockets. Also worked on the development of a Java application based User Interface to allow users to configure and administer the FAM sub-system.

MetaDataBrowser for WorldBank, NY

January 1999

Systems Engineer

An Intranet project where Java applets were used to display the various Libraries of WorldBank in a TreeView. This will further grow as the tree nodes of Diagrams, then to Subject Areas of each diagram and then to Entities for each subject area with their descriptions along with Tables with their descriptions as well.

Market Data Book for Cosmair Inc., Clarke, NJ

February 1999

Systems Engineer

Worked on a based project where Java Servlets were used to interact with the Client’s requests. The server side responded with an on the fly HTML document to the client. Initially, the two major product divisions of Cosmair were displayed. Once the user clicked on a product division, all the product groups were displayed. Upon selecting the group, the products within a group were displayed with detailed information about the product itself. The product information was displayed on a screen split into two with the right displaying the product information and the left side of the frame displaying the navigation bar. Was responsible for designing and developing the entire data book. Also performed tasks involving the administration of the Java Web Server. Tested the entire application on the Java Web Server. Implemented the application on IIS4.0 along with IBM’s Web Sphere Application server.


  • Design Patterns
  • Global Delivery
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • IT Management
  • Software Engineering
  • ITIL
  • PL/SQL
  • Java Enterprise Edition
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Oracle
  • Web Services
  • Unix
  • Software Development
  • Requirements Analysis
  • SOA
  • SaaS
  • Software Project Management
  • SDLC
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Solution Architecture
  • Enterprise Software
  • Cloud Computing


  • Government College of Engineering, Tirunelveli(Madurai Kamaraj University)


    Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication

  • Webster University, USA


    Master of Business Administration, Business