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* Better returns on investment and value added?
* Transformational changes that help your end results?

"Setting up a secondary school department can be a daunting process but with the aid of these tutorials the set up is easy & 'Organised to Optimise'.
Go through the steps to successfully set up ICT, Business Studies or Computing departments. for other videos."

*Stuart McLaughlin, The Brittons Academy Essex:
"Shaf Cangil came as a consultant to The Brittons Academy when we desperately needed someone to organise our Year 11 students to finish off their coursework for the OCR National ICT qualification. She applied her management system to identify each students individual needs and then provided staff with first class support. Her technique enabled staff to map and monitor every student's work against the specification and then direct them to what was needed to complete the course. Thanks to her support, a significant number have achieved a pass or merit on the full course."
*Danielle Mercury-Wilson Student:
As a result of Mrs Cangils coming to help us I am now confident that I will achieve the full grade of Merit." She did.
30 participants, 3 years work, organised & ordered in less than 15 days.
All students entered passed. Moderating OCR officer officially reported that the coursework was excellently organised.

Shaf Cangil
Departmental Consultant dealing with structure and optimisation.


Osiris Educational

February 2016 - Present



Presenter for Osiris Educational with courses on Project Based Learning through Scrum, Syllabus Management and Self Help CPD training for teachers. Contact Osiris to book today.

Teacher Help

August 2015 - Present



Help with the strategies, systems and habits you need in your departmental course planning. Need a solid method of controlling coursework over two years duration? Are picking up a department suddenly and need to hit the ground running? Wish you could find development resources to guide you and your staff quickly saving time on training? Wish to give instant feedback to students to increase motivation and decrease stress all at once? Are a ‘floating’ cover teacher with a need to stay on top of their CPD regardless of what school you are at?

S.E.O Rescue

June 2014 - Present


Romford Essex , UNITED KINGDOM

Identify areas in department/business to implement customised systems. Streamline work, increase progress & return on investment/improve value added. Install the bespoke systems or techniques Train staff to use & deploy. Oversee system deployment where required.

State-owned Institutes

September 2007 - Present

ICT, Business & Computer Science Instructor


Agile Evangelist bringing methodologies into schools.

The Scrum masters Guide to Sanity!

May 2014 - November 2014

Shaf Cangil


The road deepens... Stay tuned for Meetup coming up! Let you know soon as I do! Shaf

Alomental Ltd

April 2013 - April 2014



Director of Alomental Ltd. Educational assets, Hardback and electronic. Author of 'Agile/Scrum in Schools' Freestyle projects for the classroom "We can only succeed if we recognise that education is a dynamic human system, not a mechanical one. Successful school administration is a matter of fostering a helpful climate rather than "command and control" Sir Ken Robinson. In 2010 I created 2 'freestyle' projects that later I found mapped to industry techniques called AGILE. These projects have certain aspects of industry AGILE/SCRUM techniques, enough to get pupils used to working in a free-fall chaotic environment, not to panic, to pull order from it, to find direction and structure, build products of value from nothing, co-ordinate effort and teamwork, to utilise every skill they can to achieve objectives and make end products fit for purpose within a timescale. Inside: Flowol 3 based team activity for 2-4 pupils, minimum of 2 lessons plan and presumes exposure to Flowol & flowcharts for end of unit activity. Author of 'The Little Book of Teacher Tips': This little invaluable book covers areas of teaching and departmental management that rarely get mentioned in training like; Due Dilligence, Resources, Curriculum Timelines, Marksheets and levels. All addressed in an informal practical style, tips and techniques gained over 6 years teaching in the UK are shared. Industry management techniques [Agile/Scrum] are used to describe the validity of the tips.

Cognita Group

September 2012 - April 2013

Departmental Chief


Responsible for  Championing the successful transition to cutting edge Programming development.  Successfully planning, co-ordination and deployment of 3 projects of 2 years duration each giving positive value added within 6 month period. Responsibilities:  Organising and facilitating project development, evaluations, reports on Budgetary responsibilities, business change implementation, Business improvement plans, ongoing Action planning every 6 weeks and annual Subject analysis reports, Personal skills and business evaluation reports to Senior Leadership Team. Also daily updates to internal Information management System.  Ensuring the core agile principles of collaboration, prioritisation, accountability and visibility are in practice in department.  Empower, encourage and support cohort to self organise in teams to produce the ultimate end product.  Assist in communications with internal and external stakeholders.  Facilitate in internal and external conflict resolution.  Identify and remove impediment, preventing issues that may hinder the cohorts achieving their goals.

Independent research

December 2011 - September 2012

Mobile Phone Apps Research & Development


C# for Mobile phone apps. Visual studio 2010 express, Silverlight and .NET framework. Deploying MIT Apps Inventor for Smartphone development.


April 2002 - April 2006

E-learning games Developer


Designer of e-learning software for Special needs Children for schools via specialist distributor AVP. BECTA -'British Educational Communications and Technology Agency' approved software. Freelance Website developer using Flash 2004MX actionscript.


2000 - 2002

Internet casino developer

Piccadilly London , UNITED KINGDOM

Internet casino developer Client facing at trade fair at Earls court London 2002. Customising casinos using Visual Studio and C++, Windows NT Operating System. Packaging for the web (InstallShield). Negotiating with third party graphics company in US. Working with Quality Assurance debugging and testing. Extensive use of Visual Studio and SourceSafe. Full documentation of software. Start of web application development. Company games developed in flash actionscript as demos. Research into games design /real estate/ design etc. WAP mobile phone games developed (Find the Lady) using Nokia toolkit. (WML).


1999 - 2000

Internet Casino Customisations Developer

Aldgate, London , UNITED KINGDOM

Internet Casino Customisations Developer. Searchlight Systems was an American based company employing Visual C++ in the development of internet games.


January 1999 - December 1999

Visual C++ Programmer

Braintree Essex , UNITED KINGDOM

Developed Barcode reader for 5 printer types including the barcodes for (EAN 128, Code 39, and Interleaved 2 of 5).



  • Requirements Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Project Management
  • Organisational Skill
  • Mobile Applications
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Departmental Chief
  • Communication
  • Inspiration
  • Web Development
  • Microsoft Visual Studio C++
  • Actionscript
  • Consulting
  • Project Planning
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Highly Motivated Self Starter
  • Published Author
  • Software Developer
  • Microsoft Office Skills
  • Microsoft Office
  • Project Management
  • Qualified Teacher
  • Leadership
  • Agile Project Management
  • Testing
  • Certified Scrum Master Csm
  • Change Management
  • E-Learning
  • Software Documentation
  • Software Development
  • Training
  • Programming
  • Scrum
  • Coaching
  • Management
  • Agile Methodologies


  • The Open University


    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology