Agile Coach, Trainer, ScrumMaster, Facilitator, Servant-Leader, Consultant, Pod-Caster


Davisbase Consulting

2015 January - Present

Agile Coach & Trainer

North America , UNITED STATES

I work with software development teams who adopt Scrum. I use very hands-on simulation exercises to illustrate abstract concepts, to make them more concrete constructs in my workshops. I hold space open for individual, team, and enterprise-wide transformation beyond what those involved originally thought possible for themselves or their organization. This rapid, lasting achievement is their own. I serve teams by observing them constantly, being fully present to them. When they get stuck, I ask thought-provoking questions which lead to self-relfection. I model desirable behaviors, encourage experimentation, risk taking and critical (independent) thinking as paths to discovery and occasionally use metaphors to expose deeper truths.

Management Recruiters International

2008 September - 2010 February

ScrumMaster, Project Manager II


Worked as ScrumMaster for an off-shore team who developed tools and process for discovering hard-to-find, passive candidates and tracking interactions with them. System enhancements and data population processes were developed, tested and incrementally deployed in a couple weeks (rather than months).

T-Systems Japan K.K.

2004 November - 2005 September

Project Manager

Tokyo , JAPAN

Lead global project team to negotiate the contractual terms and prices, define project scope and ramp up help desk service to automotive designers. Mitsubishi-Fuso CATIA Help Desk was the first, flagship service, which started on-time and at budget. Managed team to start up technical support, migration and maintenance of IBM Lotus Domino servers, corporate wide at Mitsubishi K.K. Facilitated a project team to research, define, document and advocate to design engineers the best practices and methodologies in 3D automotive part design at Mitsubishi-Fuso.

Marubeni Personnel Support

1994 November - 1996 May

Project Coordinator

Tokyo , JAPAN

Responsible for coordination of international project team (comprising Japanese-only and English-only speakers) building 2 irradiator plants in Northeast Japan. Reported progress to stakeholders regularly and lead daily planning and review meetings. Both plants were approved by auditors on first inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which regulates the industry. Project completed on time, and at budget. Responsible for coordination of international project team (comprising Japanese-only and English-only speakers) installing 2 canning plants production line, QC Process, accumulator and palletizer. Project completed on time, and at budget. Responsible for coordinating international project team (comprising Japanese-only and English-only speakers) to OEM produce car panel dies and jigs, validate spec conformance, ship to Jaguar UK, and install in local production line.

Encore Capital Group

2011 May - 2012 April

ScrumMaster, Project Manager III

Greater San Diego , UNITED STATES

Helped a small team adopt Scrum to document, develop, test and deliver a large of array of new functionality in release cycles shorter than 3 weeks. Delivered formal training to team members on the roles, artifacts and ceremonies of Scrum.

Mitchell International

2012 March - 2013 November

ScrumMaster, Program Manager


Led a transformation by serving numerous teams as they adopted Scrum. I conducted enterprise-wide training on How to leverage solid facilitation techniques to serve teams as a ScrumMaster. I also facilitated workshops where groups collaborated on complex challenges in software development. I served individual Scrum teams as their ScrumMaster by removing obstacles, facilitating their interactions, and teaching them about Scrum. I taught them about agile values and principles. I also facilitated workshops where groups collaborated on complex challenges in software development.

Yamada Seisakusho K.K.

1996 June - 1997 August

Project Coordinator

Kiryu , JAPAN

Coordinated multiple project teams (comprising Japanese-only and English-only speakers) internationally to design, export (from JP to US) and install auto part production line equipment (about 20 machines) to drastically expand the capability of the wholly owned subsidiary in Ohio (Yamada North America Inc.) All new production lines were validated, commissioned and fully operational on schedule and within the budget. Coordinated a project to select a site for a new oversees production subsidiary (Yamada Europe Co., Ltd.) in Wales, UK, incorporate the subsidiary and select vendors to construct the factory, and formulate a plan for ramping up the production capacity of the factory. The project was completed on time, at budget.

transcosmos inc.

2000 February - 2004 December

Project Manager

Tokyo , JAPAN

Led project team to establish a joint-venture company in Japan to provide online payment processing, fraud prevention, and digital delivery of consumer software. Managed project team to plan, build out, hire for, train and ramp up a repair shop call center for Apple, Japan. Led a team of testers and coordinated agent training in a project to change CRM and knowledge base systems in AppleCare. Led an international project team tasked with analyzing business processes to define current state, document solutions to address inefficiencies, improve customer experience and reduce avg. wait times and cost related to the AppleCare call center. Oversaw the project team tasked with establishing technical support and repairs call centers for the Apple Xserve and iPod product lines, including both English support lines and Japanese language support. Developed proposals to new clients, engaged internal SMEs on project team to build cost models and simulations, negotiated service agreements and final rates, established metrics to report on service performance in quarterly business review meetings and weekly teleconferences. Managed an international project team to create new call center facility and ramp up Xbox customer support and Xbox Live technical support with the team. Coached an international project team to start up a technical support center for Corel, providing the client with monthly bug reports. Coached an international project team tasked with implementing a commercial version of Sendmail servers and message store at a major Japanese ISP (Vectant), and migrating existing user data to it. Oversaw the build-out and ramp-up of 4 Commercial websites, and the back-office order fulfillment and reverse-logistics operations for the Japanese markets for foreign capital firms like Disney, APC, Roxio and Sendmail.

PICS Auditing, LLC

2013 December - 2015 January



I served a team that practices Scrum, as described in the Scrum Guide. I removed impediments, facilitated collaboration and evangelized the value that my team creates while doing scrum. I wrote and delivered curriculum and lead people through exercises that helped them arrive at the discovery of how anyone motivated by an energizing, laudable goal, achieves unparalleled greatness, repeatedly and sustainably.

UPS Japan Co., Ltd

2005 August - 2008 August

ScrumMaster, Manager

Tokyo , JAPAN

Adopted Scrum in a project to develop and deploy an upgraded version of DIAD (a driver hand-held tablet for customer's delivery signature) linked to package tracking and customer support systems. Also served as ScrumMaster for a project team that successfully implemented and deployed a global system (ETT ERN Proactive Notification) for tracking and aging the oldest unresolved incidents, leading to faster responses internationally to customer's inquiry about lost packages, then conducted training for the local users of the system.

Marubeni Personnel Support

1997 August - 2000 January

Project Manager

Tokyo , JAPAN

Organized international task force to assess market potential, demand, perceptions and preferences for a US consumer software developer. The project team developed a methodology for selecting and compensating partners for localization, technical support, customer support, product promotion and distribution. Led project teams for the localization of computer games, video games, movies, documentaries and TV shows and collateral for the promotion and distribution of these products. As an independent consultant, developed new relationships with strategic partners, and value-added resellers, executing strategies for the above client. Organized projects to localize, promote and launch a new customer relationship management (CRM) platform in Japan. Responsible for facilitating a market study group and system implementation of a major airline alliance's reservation and ticket platform. The study and UAT achieved all project objectives on time and at budget.

Benesse Corportation

1993 April - 1994 October

Business Analyst

Tokyo , JAPAN

Analyzed market needs for distance education, new learning paradigms and tools. Coordinated a multi-disciplinary, international team (comprising Japanese-only and English-only speakers) to develop new business models, marketing and sales strategy for new learning services. The study lead to marketing strategy that dramatically expanded company sales.



  • Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Software Project Management
  • Scrum
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Agile Project Management
  • Agile Testing
  • Agile & Waterfall Methodologies
  • Agile Application Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis
  • CSM
  • Software Development
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Facilitation
  • Process Improvement
  • Integration
  • Kanban


  • Brigham Young University


  • Irvine Valley College



  • Agility Facilitator
  • SAFe Program Consultant (SPC)
  • ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Coaching
  • PMI-ACP Agile Certified Professional
  • Project Management Professional
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Certified Professional Facilitator
  • Certified Kanban Ace
  • Certified Scrum Professional
  • Certified Product Owner
  • Professional ScrumMaster I
  • Kaizen Certification
  • Lean Management Certification
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Certification