Agile Expert, Organizational change specialist, coach, and project delivery evangelist.I have over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, in functions ranging form developer to VP of a large global company. While all of this experience is extremely useful (there are not many situations I have not seen before), my real joy is in getting development organizations to deliver products and programs quickly and effectively. I have found that using agile and lean techniques greatly helps in this. I have developed a series of workshops to perform agile training for teams new to agile, as well as for Business Analysts, Project managers, Product Owners, and Executives to get organizations "agile" quickly.

My company, Tortilis Group, specializes in helping organizations adopt, practice, and perfect project delivery, using the agile and lean frameworks. I have seen so many organizations adopt agile techniques, but never actually realize the benefits of a truly agile organization. Diana Larson and James Shore developed a good model about this, which is explained well by Martin Fowler - .

We help you adopt agile for the first time, or adapt your use of agile techniques to gain the greatest benefit you can. While it is necessary to adopt various agile techniques, we help you change your organizational culture, as well as help form well-rounded, effective teams, using a set of skills and strengths development and realization tools.Specialties:Scrum / Agile methodologies, scrum coaching, scrum training, user story development and training, Agile estimating and planning, Business Process (Re)Design, Process Methodologies, Team development, Change management.


Tortillis Group

2014 February - Present

Chief Agile Pragmatist


Recently formed Tortillis Group to provide agile workshops, training, coaching, and mentoring at the executive to team levels. Working in partnership with Thoughtworks to continue providing these services to their North American clients.

Thomson Reuters

2008 May - 2011 March

Senior PM / Agile Coach


I have led the effort at Thomson Reuters Legal to adopt agile methods for software development. Hired as an Agile Coach, I have expanded his role to introduce agile to many different organizations within Thomson Reuters, building core software product delivery capabilities across the company. By focusing on project delivery, I have been very successful in spreading the use of agile techniques across almost half of the new project started over the last year, by providing a mix of training, hands-on development, mentoring, and leadership to development teams, management and executives. I am frequently asked to advise other Thomson Reuters companies in their adoption of agile, and am currently in the process of formulating a wide-ranging agile adoption approach for their Legal organization in North America, India, and Europe. As a hands-on coach and mentor, I have successfully delivered projects in the $2mm - $4mm range, and two projects over $10mm utilizing geographically distributed teams. I am also involved in a multi-year, multi-national project of over $50mm.

ITFirst Inc

2001 March - 2007 June

Principal Consultant


Having used scrum to develop projects for our clients at ITFirst, I have been consulting with several clients on the implementation and use of scrum techniques for software development on medium and large-scale software development projects for almost 2 years. Done correctly, scrum increases the viability of projects, increases productivity, and promotes self-actualization of team members in the devlopment effort. Frankly, Agile methods such as this cannot be ignored, and should be used wherever possible, with guidance from a proven coach.


2011 March - 2014 February

Senior Principal Consultant


My goal is to help organizations improve, by using techniques that significantly change the way they deliver high-value software - software that improves their business, their profitability, or their industry. I also have a burning desire to improve the way teams work together, and firmly believe that by making organizations more effective, we can also make individuals more empowered, more balanced. I have spent the last couple of years working directly with executives, managers, PMO's, and development teams to help them learn, adopt, and adapt agile and lean methods, helping them understand how and - more importantly - why these methods work. I have had great success with some major clients - banks, health care organizations, financial institutions, and retailers primarily. Maybe I can help you meet your goals...

Daugherty Business Solutions

2007 June - 2008 May

Senior Consultant

Minneapolis, MN , UNITED STATES

As the leader for the Twin Cities Custom Software Development organization, Paul is responsible for all aspects of business development, project delivery, and consultant hiring for hsi organization. Daugherty is a little differerent from many IT consulting organizations - we have a local delivery model (that is, our consultants travel very little, but are on projects based in the Twin Cities), we assume responsibility for the entire project (from definition, through design and development, through to deployment and support), and we are not staff augmentation focused. Also, all of our consultants are employees of Daugherty, as we believe this allows us to invest in their future, and gives us better focus in meeting the needs of our clients.


1989 April - 1998 October

Vice President Asia Pacific, Centrobe

California , UNITED STATES



  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Intelligence
  • Requirements Gathering
  • PMO
  • SDLC
  • Professional Services
  • Architecture
  • Cloud Computing
  • CRM
  • CSPro
  • Enterprise Software
  • Integration
  • IT Strategy
  • SOA
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Agile Project Management
  • Business Process
  • Change Management
  • Consulting
  • Software Development
  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Scrum
  • Business Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis


  • Coventry University


    Bachelors, Production Engineering


  • Certified Scrum Professional
  • Certified ScrumMaster