Author of Predictive Innovation, a structured way of thinking which allows you to reliably predict what customers will want and how to profitably make it using readily available resources.

=> Goal
Train professionals and students how to use and apply Predictive Innovation to solve business, economic, and societal challenges worldwide.

=> Notable Accomplishments
- Deployed first use of web technology at Hewlett Packard
- Oversaw first global dual TV & Internet video broadcast reaching one billion viewers.
- Created business models for the BitTorrent peer-to-peer digital media distribution system enabling greater artistic control, income for artists, and ability for consumer to make copies.
- Created Award winning web based Vendor Managed Inventory system (VMI)
- Contributed to software development methodology leading to the popular Agile method.
- Increased share value of the leading health insurance billing company by 500%
- Designed Finger Print Tracking System for the INS, identifying $5 million in annual savings.
- Developed First Statistical Process Control system used in a US automotive plant.

=> Specialties: Innovation, software, internet media, open-source, business models, start-up, education, economics, new product development, market identification, business strategy, lean, Agile, Scrum


Jackson Makerspace

2014 July - Present

Adviser, volunteer

Jackson, Michigan Area , UNITED STATES

Anything and everything to develop a thriving Maker community in Jackson, Michigan. Introduced Agile tools & techniques.


2014 July - Present

Agile Coach

Bangkok , THAILAND

Guided tech start-up through developing and bringing to market a consumer product. Directly adviced CEO on a daily basis regarding strategy, project management, and marketing.

Air Gage Company

1992 September - 1992 December

Software Engineer

Greater Detroit Area , UNITED STATES

Built robotic & semi-robotic machines to make sub-micron precision measurements for geometric dimensioning & tolerancing (GD&T) and statistical process control (SPC). Users included: Ford, GM, Nissan, Dana, and Caterpillar.


1994 October - 1994 December


San Francisco Bay Area , UNITED STATES

On-line news service Various departments needed fast access to news and archived text based information. Used same technology as the CIA to search archives and 1,000 articles per minute from realtime satellite new feed. Automatically e-mailed desired article to subscribers based on stored search criteria. 1st use of web technology at Hewlett Packard.


1992 May - 1992 August


San Francisco Bay Area , UNITED STATES

Developed portions of Visual Basic version 3 programming language that later became ASP.


1999 July - 2007 May


Chicago Area , UNITED STATES

Supply chain management is a major cause of lost productivity and profitability. The problem stems from suppliers and customers having different information and objectives. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solves the problem by communicating the correct information and correctly aligning objectives and authority. Managed projects through entire Product Life Cycle to version 3.0 delivering it to multiple divisions of the international automotive & aerospace parts supplier, and spinning the service off as a separate business unit. System increased productivity of purchasing department by providing timely information on current and projected inventory levels and allowing vendors to manage orders of the parts they provide. Led team of consultants & internal staff in developing software through 3 versions. Developed business plan & pro forma financial statements Spun off product as a separate business unit Completed handover to permanent staff Cut inventory shortages by 26% Featured in 2001 International Quality & Productivity Center Conference on Vendor Managed Inventory


1995 July - 1995 December


San Francisco Bay Area , UNITED STATES

Genstar Capital

1994 July - 1994 September


San Francisco Bay Area , UNITED STATES

Shipping container tracking system 3rd world locations used antiquated teletypes to communicate. Developed software interface between teletypes and modern computer network. Allowed 3rd world locations to benefit from modern technology without upgrading equipment.


2007 January - 2007 May


Chicago Area , UNITED STATES

U.S. Department of Justice

1997 January - 1998 January

Project Manager

Washington D.C. Metro Area , UNITED STATES

The Immigration and Naturalization Service, founded in 1891 is one of the oldest organizations of the federal government. It operates in every state and through embassies worldwide. Processing applications for visas and citizenship is physically and legally complex. Some laws encourage and others restrict approval. One law stated that an application was approved if no criminal record was found within 90 days of applying. Unfortunately the average processing time had increased to 103 days so everyone was approved regardless of criminal history. Managed project leading a nine-member team of consultants and INS staff to design and develop the Immigration Naturalization Service's global digital finger printing system, a combination Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Work Flow Application. System deployed in 200 nations with a development budget of $35 million and annual production budget over $250 million.


2007 January - 2007 November


Chicago Area , UNITED STATES

Viral Video Solutions

2003 January - 2006 December


Jackson, Michigan Area , UNITED STATES

Founded digital media company to develop and promote business models that benefited from file sharing, including advertising and crowd-funded projects.


2000 January - 2001 January


4725 Peachtree Corners Circle Suite 250 Norcross, GA 30092 , UNITED STATES

First global dual TV & Internet video broadcast reaching 1 billion viewers International ministry wanted to reach 1 billion people around the world in on New Years Day. Limited budget Volunteers handle follow-up Operate in nations with official state religions that ban evangelism of other religions Web-based CRM system integrated with online video and satellite broadcast Double Opt-In email Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Sent follow up emails in a variety of formats to match recipients system Dynamically identified and responded to state-sponsored cyber attacks Distributed structure handled traffic surges

Alliance Paper and Food Services

1999 January - 1999 November


Chicago Area , UNITED STATES

Software development policy & standards.

Zurich North America

1998 January - 1998 November


Chicago Area , UNITED STATES

Developed a web-based account access system. Customer data only accessible by internal staff. Sales representatives unable to perform simple tasks causing delays and confusion. Converted internal mainframe software into web-based system. Created a market differentiating service. Enabled customers to access parts of their information themselves. Increased capability and reduced workloads for sales representatives and customer service.

Spectrum Holobyte

1995 January - 1995 June


Alameda, California , UNITED STATES


1994 January - 1994 June


San Francisco Bay Area , UNITED STATES

ISO 9000 tracking system Problem: $1 million project was on the verge of failure. Sybase was threatening to sue Arthur Anderson. Uncovered actual customer needs. Abandoned overly complex system that was impossible to build. Delivered functional system in 1 week.


1993 January - 1993 November


San Francisco Bay Area , UNITED STATES

Built the only point-of-purchase kiosk that directly increase sales In-store demonstrations of video game units failed to increase sales of games. Built an interactive multi-media systems using low cost micro controller and Laser Disc display kiosk. Point-of-purchase kiosk played a 30-second commercial for a selected game driving sales

Apple Computer

1992 January - 1992 April

Graduate Research Intern

San Francisco Bay Area , UNITED STATES

Apple's IT department had the dual role of improving the company's productivity and showing uses for Apples products. A flexible easy to use way to view multi-dimensional sales data was a prime opportunity. Solution was an n-tier distributed client server data warehouse accessed from an easy to use Macintosh based application. Solution required new software and methods of software development. White papers from this project directly contributed to the creation of the world wide web and Agile software development and project management methodology.

SoftPort, Inc.

1984 January - 1985 December


Greater Detroit Area , UNITED STATES

Developed DMR, the first statistical process control (SPC) system used in a US automotive plant. Precursor to 6-Sigma.

JPMorgan Chase

2014 April - 2014 August

Agile Coach

Columbus, Ohio Area , UNITED STATES

Advised on setting up procedures and infrastructure to enable using Agile on a major corporate initiative. Identified a crucial weakness that prevents the business from achieving the next level of success. Began a project to remedy the weakness and turned over the project to internal staff to follow through.


2008 April - 2008 October

Consultant, Agile Coach

Chicago Area , UNITED STATES

Led team improving software development process for global Internet based projects. Guided management and technicians on best practices for software development.Department of Defense Health Care Tracking System. Saved 4 hours of labor each week by automating data import to the Ford / Mazda Asia Customer Survey Reporting System Reduced load time by 99%, from 4 hours to 2 minutes, by redesigning daily data imports. Cut development time 80% by creating a tool to automate creating page translations. Completed the project and began roll out.

Consumers Energy

2007 April - 2007 June


Jackson, Michigan Area , UNITED STATES

Custom software development for the power grid service systems. Conversion from Windows 2000 to Windows XP for pen based hand held computers. Created automated tool for inventorying GIS map and design distribution servers. Implemented TrackStar real time GPS service tracking system. Identified causes for GPS failures allowing preventative maintenance and reducing downtime. Assisted in creating new GPS device used in all service vehicles. Regression tested radio & cellular based GPS system



  • Agile Methodologies
  • Business Strategy
  • Management Consulting
  • Product Development
  • Software Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategy
  • Start-ups


  • University of Michigan


    PhD, Physics, unfinished

  • Cleary University


    BBA, Management Information Systems, Cum Laude

  • Oakland University


    BS, Physics

  • Oakland Community College


    AS, Computer Science, Summa Cum Laude


  • Train the Trainer
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer