I have discovered Agile and Lean. I am not going back because I have experienced how these approaches are so much better at helping companies to deliver products that matter, and make their customers happier.I am currently working as an Agile Coach in Valtech. Bringing agile ways of working to a variety of customers from small companies to big enterprises.One of my key strengths is helping teams evolve on their path to self-organization. Another strength of mine is to negotiate with stakeholders and protect the team from interference.In working with the teams my strong agile developer background helps me understand the work better and gain the team’s trust.
My Superpowers =>
-Working with people, understanding and helping them solve problems
- Pragmatic solutions, focus on getting things done and delivery
- Networking skills, can easily talk to anyone in any company to find solutions
- Working with large teams, multi-team projects
- Managing managers
- Lean thinking



2015 January - Present

Co-Founder + Senior Consultant Agile

Munich , GERMANY

We help companies to deliver excellency, speed up the software delivery, create high performing teams to identify and implement breakthrough improvements.

Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG

2008 October - 2010 December

Agile Software Developer / Scrum Master

Kaplaneiweg 1 Tettnang, Baden-Württemberg 88069 , GERMANY

MFC/C++ Frontend development, Windows Forms development, C#/WPF development in a next generation product. Leading role in the transition from waterfall to agile development. In that transition one key function was the communication, explanation and negotiation of the user stories concept to the product owner.

PKS Software GmbH

2001 July - 2008 September


Georgstraße 15, 88214 Ravensburg , GERMANY

Lead of the MFC/C++ Frontend Development, Customer Workshops, Collection, negotiation and implementation of Customer Requirements, introduction of Project Management to the company, introduction and maintenance of the customer feedback cycle

Valtech Germany

2014 January - 2014 December

Senior Consultant Agile

Munich , GERMANY

Working as Agile Coach, Product Owner and Scrum Master depending on the needs of the customer. Scrum Master and then PO for a for Valtech internal development team enabling the Valtech team and the customer by doing Roadmap Planning and implementing close customer-team collaboration. First project with a Release Burn-Up. ->September 2013 - Present Working as Agile Coach in BMW and Agile Coaching of internal Scrum teams in Valtech. Leading role in the internal Agile enablement of Valtech teams. Introduced Product Owner Dojos and Coding Dojos . ->March 2013 – September Project Lead and Product Owner for an Audi Telemetric Service project. Agile Coaching of internal Scrum Teams in Valtech. Supporting teams and Scrum Masters to obtain transparency to be able to establish continuous improvement.

Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG

2011 January - 2013 February

Scrum Master / Agile Coach

Kaplaneiweg 1 Tettnang, Baden-Württemberg 88069 , GERMANY

Implementation of a large-scale Agile Project Management framework (with SAFe). Consisting of: Architecture group, Testing group, Organizational changes group and Product Management group. During my work with the Lead Project Manager for a large-scale project I guided and coached a Large Scale Agile project between 6 departments in 4 countries. This was the first large agile project for the company that required a lot of communication and generating a common way of working together with several departments that were not used to cooperate that closely. Example: Feature Squads, cooperation between functional departments that enabled Agile software development for a full project for the first time Facilitation of planning meetings with 30+ people and coordinating several teams in planning for 2 months release cycles by using the agile release train methodology. Successfully created an Architecture Runway with a newly founded architecture group that made it possible to create system architecture together with teams that never collaborated on architecture before. Implemented a backlog for the overall product and backlogs for all parts of it by coordinating with all Product Managers and aligning them in the overall framework. Guiding the Project Manager in visualizing and communicating the progress of the overarching project and all sub-projects included. Support and guidance for Product Management to create the necessary team backlogs and the overall framework backlog.


Transition to Agile in Avira

January 2011

Scrum Coach


  • Agile Methodologies
  • Agile Project Management
  • Agile Testing
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Development
  • Product Management
  • Software Project Management
  • Scrum
  • Turbo C++


  • Electronics school Tettnang


    Specialist for application development

  • University of Applied Sciences


    Studies of Mathematics

  • General gymnasium Ebingen


    High School


  • Certified Scrum Master