Looking for a new job as ScrumMaster or Agile Coach for the moment.

* Agile project methodology : Scrum, also as Scrum master.
* Published book The Agile Quizzitch with Peter Doomen
* Presented Kanban two times at the XPDays
* Presented The Agile Quiz at the XPDays
* Setting up Team Foundation Server

Previous experience
* Setting up Development environments with buildserver and code checking tools (Cruisecontrol.Net, NDepend, Nant, NUnit, Simian,...)
* Busy with beta versions of Microsoft products (LINQ,...)
* Application Developer with C#, VB.Net (Both in .Net 1.1, .Net 2.0, .Net 3.0 and .Net 3.5)
* Developer with WPF, WF and WCF
* Knowledge of 3rd Party tools like Infragistics, Janus, DotnetNuke
* Web application developer with ASP.Net 1.1, 2.0 and 3.5, ASP
* HIS 2004 Developer to connect AS/400 and Mainframe to .Net 1.1
* .Net Solution Architect
* Knowledge of Object Development (Especially Business Objects) based on principles like the LHotka Business Base Object.
* Basic knowledge of Design Patterns

Specialties: * Experience in following industries :
Banking,Governement,Utilities,Pharmaceutical Industry,Automation ,Metal Trade Business,Entertainment Industry,Logistics,Leasing,Automotive,Music,Accountancy,Physiotherapists
* HTML tools
* Microsoft Development Tools
* Code checking tools
* Agile: Kanban and Scrum


SD Worx

2009 May - Present

Senior Software Ingenieur

Antwerp , BELGIUM

In my job, I give support to all the developers within SD Worx. Our job includes helping them with problems in development, bringing the projects to acceptance and production. Maintaining the servers. We are with 3 people in our team. Each one has it's speciality. For me my specialities are Team Foundation Server and DB2. Furthermore, my job also includes to create standards for the developers and make sure they follow this standards. We are with 2 people on this project and are just starting it up.

Ordina Belgium

2006 September - 2009 April

Taskforce leader .Net development streets

Hasselt , BELGIUM

Together with another colleague I lead a team of 6 people for setting up a standard .Net development street within our company. The goal is to create a standard that our developers can use at the customers. We define which tools, frameworks, methods … they can use and how everything works together. The whole concept must be transparent, so it’s easy to add/change/delete tools, methods … to something else.

Philips Medical Systems

2004 September - 2005 July

.Net developer

Brussel , BELGIUM

Build several ASP.Net 1.1 (C#) applications. The first one was also a practical test of the theoretical .Net development street which was a new development center at PMS. Also the integration of SQL Reporting Services 2000 was one of the key elements. Furthermore I did a few pilots to connect Java and .Net with each other through web services.


2007 October - 2007 November

Sr .Net Developer/.Net Solution Architect

Brussel , BELGIUM

For this project I have to coach 3 other people (2 of them are Cobol programmers, one has just started working). The first week I also have to give an introduction course C# 2.0. Another part I have to do is to connect .net in one way with the mainframe and at the other site with Word 2003 using VSTO. I also have to see for a good architecture about this whole process including easy change of Word templates/text/... by the users itself. When this is done, we have to create a small winform application for calculations and printing reports witrh Reporting Services 2005.

Xerius Sociaal Verzekeringsfonds

2008 October - 2009 January

.Net Solution Architect, Lead Developer

Antwerp Area , BELGIUM

Nato (4PL DIV)

2003 May - 2004 March

.Net developer

Brussels , BELGIUM

Creating an pipeline accounting system in .Net. We created a winform application in VB.Net

Fortis Bank

2006 March - 2006 December

.Net Solution Architect / Scrum master

brussels , BELGIUM

Various web application projects ( 1.1 with C#) and starting up a new .Net team. I work as a software developer, architect and scrum master.


1996 March - 2000 February



Worked most of the time in RPG and RPG ILE. Did one project in MS Access for 2 months.

Ordina Belgium

2008 July - 2008 September

.Net Architect

Hasselt , BELGIUM

Internal R&D for Team Foundation Server and Application Life Cycle Management.

De Standaard Uitgeverij

2007 July - 2007 August

Sr .Net Developer/.Net Solution Architect

Gossetlaan 30 Groot-Bijgaarden, 1702 , BELGIUM

For this project I have to create a several helper programs which can be used in the Sofisk application and I also have to coach the internal .Net developers. The application itself is written in C#2.0 with a C++ library behind.

Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

2005 July - 2006 February

.Net developer


One project (complete abstract functional architecture) in the agriculture domain. I worked as a software developer and architect. We did use Scrum as methodology. The program was written in VB.Net

Ordina Belgium

2007 January - 2009 April

Member of the Microsoft Product Expert Group

Hasselt , BELGIUM

Togheter with several other colleagues I'm a member of the microsoft Product Expert group within Ordina Belgium. Our goal is to assist our Microsoft developers when they have problems at the projects they are working on. We also give courses within our company with new Microsoft technologies.


2007 January - 2007 June

Sr .Net Developer/.Net Solution Architect

Duwijckstraat 17 Lier, Antwerp 2500 , BELGIUM

Implementation of a web portal using C# 2.0 with DotNetNuke. used methodoly : MSF for agile development Roles : Team captain , Sr Developer , .Net Architect , Coaching junior developers Tools used: Visual studio team edition 2005 , Sql server 2005 , Team Foundation Server , CSF

Ordina Belgium

2000 February - 2009 April

.Net Solution Architect

Hasselt , BELGIUM

I started as a webdeveloper in ASP. Later I moved to VB6. The last years I'm working in .Net using C# and Projects including winforms and ASP.Net. I use VS 2003, VS2005 and VS 2008. Did also a project with HIS 2004. Since 2006 I'm a .Net solution architect. In 2008 I started with Application Life Cycle Management and Team Foundation Server. I'm also a certified Scrum Master.

Ordina Belgium

2000 February - 2003 May


Hasselt , BELGIUM

During this period I did several project using ASP. Projects including just websites, but also webapplications. Most of them for internal use.

Johnson & Johnson

2007 December - 2008 June

.Net Solution Architect/Lead Developer

Brussel , BELGIUM

For this project, I'm the lead developer and coaching the developers. But also I'm one of the technical architects to setup a software street for Sharepoint portals. One of my jobs as architect is to describe the whole ALM process, the software factory and all the guidelines. Furthermore I'm assisting the other .Net architect with his job.


1995 August - 1996 March

PLC Developer

San Francisco , UNITED STATES

Work on a Modicon PLC. For the same customer I did my thesis with Modicon PLC and Allen Bradly PLC.


2004 April - 2004 May

.Net developer / HIS developer


This was a project to connect the AS/400 as a backend with an ASP.Net 1.1 (VB.Net) front-end. For the connection layer we did use HIS 2004. This project was in cooperation with Microsoft because HIS 2004 was still in beta. Ordina was TAP partner for this product.


Visual Studio Team Foundation 2010 Rollout

November 2010

Lead Member

stakeholders' expectations management, requirements management, change management, budgeting, timing, communication, automated build management, proof of concept automated testing, teams coaching, application life cycle management introduction


  • VB.NET
  • TFS
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Automation
  • HTML
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • .NET
  • Scrum
  • Visual Studio
  • VC#
  • WCF
  • WPF
  • Web Services


  • Free Technical School Borgerhout


    industrial Informatics Electro Mechanics A1

  • Free Technical School Borgerhout


    industrial Informatics