Strongly results-oriented, delivering quality work for Mr. Vachon is a constant concern. It offers its customers practical solutions to their business needs through the most recognized methods. His computer and management training allows him to understand the issues of projects and offer customers solutions tailored to their needs. The pragmatic approach of Mr. Vachon enables managers, teams, and businesses become more efficient in their transition to agile methods.
Mr. Vachon is a respected man who can win people to his cause. He is a coach, facilitator, and a manager who carries his team to the expected results.
? Certified Scrum Master
? Certified Scrum Professional
? A recognized specialist Scrum, XP (Extreme Programming), Lean, Kanban, and SAFe.
? Languages: French, English, Spanish


DEKRA Automotive Solutions Bordeaux

2015 May - Present

Agile coach


Responsible for the implementation of best practices in places developments and organization of teams. Implementation of Scrum within teams and coaching of teams already doing Scrum but need help on the method. Team evaluation and personalized training plans. - Jira, Trello, Visual Studio 2013, C #, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, SQL Server 2008, Javascript, JQuery, Chosen, TinyMCE, DropZone, Tmpl JQuery, JQuery Select2, JSon.NET, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, Fontawsome , Scrum, Kanban

2008 September - 2009 November

Scrum Master

Paris , FRANCE

Project management of the consolidation of the web pages of the front office. Managing a team of 8 people. Meeting with marketing departments, media-office, back-office, webmasters, sales and production.    Activities: - Prioritization and assignment of duties - Risk management and recovery - Conflict management - Validation backlog - Planning and conducting meetings - Creation of reports and graphs    Environment: Visual Studio Team Suite, C #, Asp.Net, JQuery, SQL Server 2005, Akamai, Microsoft Project

Xerox Detroit

2005 September - 2007 March

Senior Consultant


Project Manager on a web application CMS (content management system) for the purpose of displaying complex data from Oracle databases, Microsoft SQL Server, and OnBase. Generate dynamic reports in PDF and bar code generation (39 Barcode ISO standards).    Activities: - Project management - Design sessions - Determination of timelines - Training Extreme programming - Code Refactoring - Monitoring of schedules    Client: Ford and General Motors Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, C #, Oracle, SQL Server, Hyland OnBase, Kofax Ascent Capture, ASP.NET, XML, T-SQL, Reports and scan bar codes with PDF4Net, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Extreme Programming, Visio , Microsoft Access.

Mimesis Republic

2011 October - 2012 February

Agile Coach

Paris , FRANCE

Conduct analysis and reengineering of existing processes; identify and develop the use of new tools. Involved in key projects essential to strategic and operational objectives of the organization. Coaching and mentoring managers and IT team to a Scrum and Kanban processing by applying the principles of Lean sofware development.    Activities: - Reorganization and team management - Training and coaching - Supervision and development teams capabilities. - Training on specific roles Scrum Master, Product owners, team, customer. - Studies of agile project management monitoring tools - Job interviews - Support and coaching: Clients, Product owners and Scrum Masters. - Animation and facilitation of meetings - Advice on the development of standardized tools: Tools Scrum, Collaborative tools, etc. - Construction of project monitoring indicators - Coaching Managers, Scrum Masters, Product owners in their function.    Technical environment: Java, Scala, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Gitt, Jira, Rally, Asp.NET, MVC Ivry sur Seine

2009 November - 2011 October

Scrum Coach


Mission: Introduction of agile methods. Training and coaching of teams and managers.    Activities: - Training and coaching Scrum Masters and Product owners and developers. - Validation of the product backlog. - Team training on the basics of agile concepts. - Studies of agile project management monitoring tools - Training and coaching 35 people -Job interviews - Animation and facilitation of meetings - Risk management and recovery - Validation of the product backlog and sprint backlog - Development of standardized tools: TFS, VersionOne, MediaWiki. - Control and Monitoring Committees: performance issues; quality of deliverables    Technical environment: Visual Studio Team Foundation 2005 Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008, Sql Server 2005, C #, Asp.Net, jQuery, MVC, VersionOne

Sallie Mae Fishers

2003 May - 2004 January

FileNet Consultant


Editing an imaging application Filenet. Programming web pages serve and back office. Programming the database, stored procedures, triggers, T-SQL. Participation unit and integrated tests.    Activities: - Programming - Analysis - Unit tests Environment: Windows NT4, Visual Workflow FileNet, FileNet Image Services, PVCS, Captiva, Oracle 8i, Visual Basic 6, ADO, MTS, COM +, DCOM, Crystal Reports, Visual Source Safe 6

Bouygues Telecom Velizy

2012 March - 20115 May

Agile Coach


Initiator of the agile transformation in the department of Box (connects to TV). Training and coaching of teams (developers, architects, testers, project management, and project management) and managers in the implementation of Agile methods (over 250 people). - Train, support and motivate Scrum Masters, Product owners and developers to help them master their role. - Training and coaching of six development boards to Agile Scrum, XP, Kanban. - Restructuring of teams. - Animation and facilitation of Scrum ceremonies (Release schedules, Sprint schedules, Standup meetings, Sprint reviews (demos), Sprint retrospectives). - Coaching for managers at the organizational level (restructuring of teams, training of new teams, etc.). - Training and coaching on how to understand the test while the iterations are underway and on how to manage abnormalities after delivery - Implementation of visual Kanban tables - Maturity Assessment teams - Establishment of indicators for monitoring the progress of agility in teams. - Work closer with each of the managers: identifying actions to be taken at different times - Reorganization of developments tray. - Support the Product owner, Scrum master, and the team in their daily tasks. - Teaching animation and facilitation methods - Communication with staff to discuss the change as an opportunity, not a threat - Training and coaching of teams motivation techniques. - Implementation of continuous integration in all development teams. - Making a video to evangelize agile methods internally Environment: IBM RTC, RRC IBM, IBM RQM, Jenkins, SVN, Cruise Control, Jenkins, Sencha, Microsoft Entity Framework, SQL Server, Team Foundation Server

2007 March - 2008 August

Agile Project Manager

Paris , FRANCE

Project manager. Planning and monitoring of developments. Dating supplier: the Antidot society. Meeting reports. Proposed architectural developments in the front office. Updating and monitoring of developments of XML natural language configuration Antidot (60-1000 configuration lines in 4 XML files). Monitoring the evolution of the correction of anomalies. Tracking milestones. Result of my mission: four major developments of the site, four times faster performance.    Activities: - Project management (6 people) - Extreme Programming - Risk management and recovery - Job interviews - Determination of development standards - Implementations: Lazy initialization, Caching - Design Patterns: Singleton, Wrapper    Environment: Antidot AFS, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, C #, SQL Server 2005, ASP.NET, Mantis, Tortoise SVN, XML, T-SQL, HTML, CSS, CruiseControl.NET

LGS Group Inc.

1999 January - 2000 May



Development of intranet web applications to search, view, and print documents booksellers Filenet Content services. Proposal for multiple scenarios facing performance problems. Powerpoint presentation to client teams to do the ongoing monitoring of the project. Proposed different innovative and creative solutions to meet the client's business needs.    Analysis and reporting on performance issues of FileNet application. In this context, proposed strategies and multiple scenarios. Project manager overseeing the development of the solution. Results: the application meets the customer's real needs with a performance increase of 400%.    Activities: - Programming - Analyse of needs - Database Design - Project management - Bug fixes - Transfer of knowledge and customer training    Client: Alcan Aluminum Company    Environment: FileNet Content Services, FileNet Web Services, ASP, IDM Desktop FileNet, FileNet IDM WebPublisher, VBScript, JavaScript, Visual Basic 6, Visual SourceSafe 6 Oracle8.

Weyerhaeuser Seattle

2004 February - 2005 September

FileNet Consultant

Washington , UNITED STATES

Member of a self-managed development team and self-organized (Scrum) to carry out research and reporting software using Filenet API. Design a suite of utilities for migrating an electronic management system Filenet Gauss documents to and transfer of meta data and scanned images. Knowledge transfer and training.    Activities: - Architecture - Programming - Unit tests - Code Refactoring - Self-managed team - Xtreme programming - Daily Scrum Meetings    Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Oracle, VMWare, FileNet Content Services, P8, FileNet Image Services, Kofax, FileNet IDM Desktop, Classic ASP, Visio, Visual Basic .NET, C #, Unitarians Tests, T-SQL, Nunit Testing, Extreme Programming, Ncoverage, XML, Scrum, Extreme Programming.



  • Team Management
  • Scrum
  • Risk Management
  • Agile Project Management
  • Consulting
  • CSM
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Test Driven Development
  • French
  • Kanban
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Change Management
  • CSM
  • Project Estimation
  • Project Management



  • Certified ScrumMaster
  • Certified Scrum Professional