A passion for being among the top agile consultants - able to apply a myriad of agile, lean and project techniques.
A driven hunger for knowledge about all aspects of Agile and Lean frameworks - Agile Coaching and Consulting. Searching for environments that offer unique agile challenges in the primary coaching areas. Those introduced by the change agile introduces.. to go beyond the practices and aim for true business agility.

Easily described as driven by Agile Values - always adapting - always moving forward. Kaizen and Continuous Improvement are philosophies I fully embraced and made into daily habit.

And have fun while doing it !


Searching for new JHB Agile opportunity

2015 July - Present

Agile Coach / Consultant / Scrum Lead

Johannesburg , SOUTH AFRICA

relocated to find a long term engagement in Joburg after spending substantial time between industries , acquiring coaching and training skills and experience to create a well rounded knowledge base to provide value in any environment. Eager for new challenges that cant be gained through theory alone.

MultiChoice ITD Africa

2014 September - 2014 November

Scrum Lead & Agile Coach

Johannesburg , SOUTH AFRICA

Agile Coach, Scrum Master and Scaled Agile Lead for Business Continuity. Alignment of Innovation Initiatives and develop team structures to bridge the gap between Legacy and Innovation systems. Assist in the Design of emergent team structures and practices using the Scaled Agile Enterprise Framework within the ITD Africa and South Africa units. Agile Coach to technical team leads, scrum masters and technical project managers for the Continuity Space.

Western Cape eGovernment eInnovation

2014 October - 2015 January

Digital Business Analyst | Agile, Open Source, Web Portal for eGov


Digital Analysis for eGovernment Strategy Outputs within Iterations Agile and Open Source Web Framework Models for eServices Delivery Analysis of methods used by 1st World eGovernment Initiatives Agile Business Analysis Business Requirements Specifications

Spinnaker Software

2013 November - 2014 June

Scrum Master / Kanban Practitioner


Fixed Term Contract to take over as Scrum Master, Kanban facilitator and Agile Coach / Evangelist ... to merge the Scrum framework and Kanban production methods and apply them to the software development and application life cycle management. Apply Agile ceremonies and roles and create evolving best practices/ ways of working To guide teams to provide a structured approach for points of ownership. Coached Team Leads in creating self organising teams in both Technical Support and Product Development Teams. Managed skills development for junior scrum masters. Covering the Agile practices used within software development life cycles. Visual Basic Legacy Systems and Visual C# for new products.

Global Vision

2007 November - 2009 July

Scrum Master / Project Manager (Digital)

Cape town , SOUTH AFRICA

Digital Project Manager / Scrum - Kanban Hybrid model for all Diageo Online Brand and Marketing Projects. Responsible for managing large portfolion of all Consumer Website Integration elements for strategic brand initiatives and product launches for Diageo International, international partner to Brand House South Africa. Product owners of Johnnie Walker, J&B, Smirnoff, Ciroc and Ketel One Vodkas, Baileys, Captain Morgan, Jose Cuervo, Tanqueray Gin, Guinness. Classic Malts Whiskey Range. Global Brand Advertising Campaigns and Launches for CWI Managing many digital and Alignment agencies including EHS Brann , Agency Republic,Craik Jones Digital in almost all international

Agile Coaching Development

2014 May - 2014 September

Agile Coaching Skills Development Process

Johannesburg , SOUTH AFRICA

Agile Expert Qualifications And Learning Development Qualify in Agile Methodologies and Agile Framework Knowledge Areas Create Coaching Framework for SDLC Best Practices for all three major coaching areas. Qualify and validate all experience and expertise in specialist areas of Lean and Agile software development - having skills formally validated and vetted. Background studies into Lean and Six Sigma Manufacturing process methodologies Qualifications Achieved: -Scrum Alliance CSP Certified Scum Professional - -Scrum.Org PSM I Professional Scrum Master -Scrum Inst.Org SPOAC Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification - Scaled Agile Academy SAFe Certified Scaled Agilist (SA) - Scrum Study SFC Scrum Fundamentals Certified - PMI Project Management Institute PMI-ACP (PMI Formal Application Process Completed / Course Completed / Exam Pending) Others - Lean Six Sigma Introduction - Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt - Six Sigma Yellow Belt - Six Sigma Green Belt - Introduction to Life Coaching - IO4 Accredited Product Manager Certification

Old Mutual

2007 May - 2007 August

Business Analyst (Contractor)

Old Mutual Business Park Pinelands , SOUTH AFRICA

Business Analyst responsible for developing Risk framework and Cost Metrics derived from the IT hardware infrastructure investments across the various business silos, part of the ongoing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Project.

Discovery Holdings

2013 March - 2013 June

Program Manager Solvency II | Specialist Team Project Manager

sandton , SOUTH AFRICA

Risk and Solvency Assessment Development of both standard and non-standard compliance models Assessment of BAU Processes for Group Risk Creation of a Group Risk Taxonomy Risk Appetite and Risk Profile ORSA Documentation Compliance ERM Complete Framework Training , coaching and mentoring Agile enthusiasts


2011 July - 2012 November

Scrum Master and Project Manager

cape town , SOUTH AFRICA

CSM Certified Scrum Master and Project Manager Employing a SCRUM based Agile Approach for Mobile Solution product Delivery Project Managing software development and technology innovation projects throughout the complete SDLC. Development projects for end to end encryption algorithms Deployed across the range of Mobile Operating Systems Coordinating with Client Infrastructure Teams, Testing Teams Product Development Interactive Transaction Authentication Mobile Applications and Mobile Application Suites. Research projects into data communication capabilities through the mobile networks in African

Ethos Business Agility

2015 January - 2015 June

Agile Coach and Management Consultant

Western Cape , SOUTH AFRICA

- Coach Agile and Scrum Teams in essential skills to maximize team buy-in and cohesiveness as a single self sustaining unit. - Certification Mentoring; CSP Certified Scrum Professional (Scrum Alliance) - certification guidance and mentoring. Non profit service to all Scrum practitioners wishing to pursue higher Scrum Certifications. I do this for my passion in what I do, I expect little in return.. only that you pay it forward as my mentor did for me. - Scrum Fundamentals Qualifications; how to attain your initial footing into the World of Agile by demonstrating proficiency in the theory around agile principles and practices - Agile Skills Development; Team training and Team Repair Integrating Best of Breed and Green Build practices into Agile - Executive Coaching; Supporting Agile Initiatives and allowing Scaling Structures to Evolve


2011 January - 2011 July

Cape Town


Project Manager as a Sanlam Dedicated Resource - for CA Southern Africa Managed additional Service Desk Installation, Refresh, CMDB Upgrade Projects with Truworths , Woolworths and SANBI (South African National BioDiversity Inst)

Bright Idea Projects

2010 February - 2011 February

Digital Channel Manager

Cape Town Area , SOUTH AFRICA

Digital Channel Manager and Marketing / Sales Lead Provided Sales / Marketing Exerpertise from my extensive experience in account management. Created Iniatives for Digital Channel Management Development of Above the line Online & Below the Line Marketing Copy / SEO optimization / Digital Strategies Marketing and Presentation of Products at Expo's , Client Projects and Channel Partners.

Ethos Agility Dynamics and Project Consulting

2013 August - 2013 November

Project Trainer | Agile Coach | Project Consultant


Project consulting and coaching to the Director of Shared Revenue Services Johannesburg Metropolitan Local Government - Revenue Accounts Consulting and Training; PMBOK Project Management Scrum Framework Fundamentals Product Management Six Sigma


Smirnoff ROW

July 2008

Scrum Master

Development of the Smirnoff Rest of World Home Page and all subsequent local country home pages in their respective language sets.

Malts US

November 2007

Scrum Master

Development of the Local US based Malts Whiskey Site.

Disaster Recovery Project

May 2007

Scrum Master

Part of the ongoing disaster recovery and business continuity initiative within Old Mutual. Planning and Analysis of various technology sets and investments throughout the OM business units.

Truworths Service Desk Upgrade

March 2011

Project Manager

Upgrade to Truworths Service Desk Management System from the CA SDM 12.1 platform to the CA SDM 12.5 Platform. Including Integration into an existing Event Management Server and specifying the process flow between the two systems.

Tanqueray Gin ( UK ) Site Revamp

July 2008

Project Manager

We would have an initial high level meeting discussing the expected outcomes for the project and review any wireframes if available – to try and identify any early challenges. We would then set up secondary meeting with the Accenture SM (Solution Manager) to align the technical resource required from Diageo ,Accenture ,GV and assess viability, capacity and complexity. Once all three parties had agreed that we had technical capacity to facilitate the project or if required discuss emergency rates to use overtime hours if the brand launch was tied into a larger Global Release ,a further meeting would be set up which would involve the Digital and Creative agencies. The Digital Agencies would be given a date for which all creatives and HTML content needed to be delivered upfront so that the pages could be integrated with our XSL pages (the Consumer Measure portion of the site) We would test that finished assembled sites could correctly render on all accepted /supported browsers accordingly to our SLA with Diageo and Accenture. We would be given access by Accenture to the content channels within the CMS system and then upload all the relevant sections. Once the project was ready to go live, all channel flags would be set to active and the ajax calls would be tested and then set to accept incomingconsumer registration information. My job involved a high level of interactions with all teams including the Business Analysts who would develop the initial web specification documents, the DBA’s who had to create the required data repository or amend an existing one to define the criteria of the new campaign. From there I would engage with my development teams on a daily basis until the project was fully tested and delivered.

Sanlam CMDB Upgrade Project

February 2011

Project Manager

Upgrade Project for the Configuration Management Database system for Sanlam and other internal departments. Review ITIL maturiy and acceptance throughout the departments using the CA 11.5 Service Desk Management system. Investigate the value add of the CMDB and measures to improve the usage of Configuration Items.

Woolworths Service Desk Refresh

March 2011

Project Manager

Part of the overall Service Desk Refresh Project to implement a CMDB system for Woolworths, improve the ITIL maturity within the Service Desk Management system and Service Catalogues.

BoE Employee Benefit Trust - Work Flow and Records Management System

January 2004

Scrum Master

BoE had been looking for a solution that would enable an increase in business process turnaround time without necessitating a substantial increase in human resources,commented Mervyn Schoeman, the head of EBT. Many industry specialists believed a solution could not be achieved in such a trust environment due the complexity of operations involved; however, this proved not to be the case.

Malts En ROW

February 2008

Scrum Master

I was brought on to manage the Malts En-Row (Rest of World) project at quite a late stage, shortly after joining the company. It meant I needed to familarise myself with the technologies at a rapid speed to be able to manage the various risk and change elements. My technical training included a basic eCommerce developers course so I had a basic understanding of web technologies , HTML , DHTML, XML , Cascading Style Sheets, FrontPage (the course was done in 2002 so some of the subjects were out-dated ) , Active Server Pages , JSP. I had worked with Content Management Systems before, but never in relation to web development. At the time the Diageo utilised IBM and Accenture to provide the CMS infrastructure used for all their web sites. The primary creative agency, EHS Bran has already defined the creative direction for the rebranding of the Classic Malts Brands and the Site design was in its final stages. This process was completely overhauled after this project was completed because the lack of understanding of the technical constraints meant that many critical design errors had been made when layouts were finalised. The decision was made to make use of an older Content Management System (AIM 1) , one that had already been purchased, and to simply attempt to reskin the site. The marketing agencies contracted had highly specific demographic monitoring tools and requirements - meaning that to integrate the XSL portion of the site, which was the primary "product" sold to Diageo for each and every product , numerous code modifications had to be implemented to allow for the XSL code to correctly execute and allow IBM's connection through to GV ( using Ajax )to relay the information back to our SQL systems where all Diageo Consumer Data was stored.


  • Agile Methodologies
  • Agile Project Management
  • Requirements Analysis
  • E-commerce
  • Software Development
  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Scrum
  • SDLC


  • University of Stellenbosch Business School.


    Digital Marketing and Communications

  • ALISON Advanced Interactice Online Learning


    Diploma in Psychology, Psychology, Diploma

  • Liberty University


    BUSI415 Project Management II, Project Management

  • Cranfield University Business School


    Programme and Project Management, Project Management

  • Central Business Academy


    Project Management

  • College of Cape Town


    NIC Dimensional Art & Graphic Design, Art and Graphic Design


  • CSP Certified Scrum Professional
  • CSM Certified Scrum Master
  • PSM I Professional Scrum Master
  • Certified SAFe Scaled Agilist (SA)
  • Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification
  • SFC Scrum Fundementals Certifed
  • Prince II Project Manager
  • Accredited Product Manager (APDM™)
  • Agency Certified Project Manager
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer NT.4 & Win2000
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Kanban for Software Development