Agile and Lean Coach for Intel for the past 8 years.

I am very fortunate to work in an organization within Intel that recognized the importance of Agile and has emphasized its needs. In fact, it was agile principles which improved us to a point we won the Intel Quality Award in 2012. This is the highest honor for any organization at Intel. My role as an Agile Coach is to facilitate the changes so that the vision and goal of an organization is met. The role includes organizing major release planning for multiple product lines, working and coaching the product owners and scrum master through the processes. At the same time, we work with the management to on how process standardization should be implemented; waste eliminated and while maintaining a consistently learning organization. Another dimension of my role as the agile coach is to work vertically across the hierarchy so that tops down implementation can be supplemented with culture change from the grass root organization. Sometimes, this means to scrum master the most difficult team or to work with difficult managers. This organization is also like indicators; my team and I work with the Rally tool to support our SAFe implementation. We also utilize a Scrum Standard to help new scrum masters evaluate teams and diagnose early sign and symptoms of team health issues.

I am currently the Leading Agile Coach for the sites in Asia. We were responsible to start up enterprise scrum for all our product lines within our organization and maintain the release planning process. My current role is also to design lean and agile processes to cater for specific job roles that don’t quite fit any of the off-the-shelf solution.

Additional to this role, because we are leading in the Agile Lean implementation within Intel, we are often called to consult and support other organizations planning to use Agile. As the demand grew, we started a community of practice (COP) in Malaysia to support the Asian region. We have coached IT, Manufacturing, Finance, Public affairs, Hardware and Software Development, Design Teams in this region. To supplement Agile, we also utilize Lean Product Development principles. Other than the Scrum and Agile classes, I also teach and coach Lean Product Development, Value Stream Mapping and PDCA courses.



2007 - Present

Agile and Lean Coach




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