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QuickScrum, a rapidly expanding Scrum community is one of the best and recommended venues for advertising Scrum trainings to people connected with Scrum worldwide. We ensure your trainings will be made visible to the vast Scrum audience and you’re most certain to get full booking for your Scrum trainings.

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Post an trainings – It’s free

Post your Scrum trainings for free.

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Reach to vast scrum Audience

Make your trainings well known to the correct scrum audience - Scrum beginners, Coaches, Trainers and Professionals worldwide.


Get Maximum Attendees

Get responses from a large number of scrum audience - Scrum beginners, Coaches, Trainers and Professionals - who are looking for opportunities to increase scrum network and knowledge.

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Take care of booking

Quickscrum provides online easy to use interface for training booking and payment.


Conduct your trainings

Conduct your trainings on the stated date and venue

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Pay your amount

We pay your booking amount excluding our commission within 3-4 working days after a trainings.

we charge 10 % of booking Amount

your Benefits

  • Make your trainings popular amongst the largest scrum community

    Promote your trainings to the correct Scrum audience. With QuickScrum it becomes very easy to get popular your trainings worldwide and receive successful booking from coaches, Scrummers, CTOs, CEOs, and top level company executives - the type of Scrum audience which is searching for opportunities to participate.

  • Increase scrum attendees

    You don’t have to wait for weeks before you can find enough applicants to book your trainings. We’ll make sure your trainings will be made visible to the right audience and you can be sure of finding appropriate candidates to book your trainings.

  • Online booking and payment

    Benefit from QuickScrum's versatile online payment system. Receive payments through our online payment service providers from across the world.

  • Find international audience

    With QuickScrum you can be rest assured of finding a global audience for your trainings. Promote your event in different parts of the world, in different communities and cultures, or just go global and gather bulk participants for your trainings from across the community.

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