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  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  
1. What is QuickScrum?

QuickScrum is an intuitive and interactive scrum tool featuring a rich graphical interface for carrying out scrum project management. It supports features such as product backlog, sprint management, dashboard, task board, burn-down chart and much more..

2. What are the subscribing or buying options for QuickScrum?

Currently, there are two models for deploying QuickScrum :

  • On demand (SaaS) deployment - We host the application for you. You can access the application using a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer,Google chrome, Safari, etc. There is no need to buy or install any other hardware device or a separate software to run and access the tool application.
  • On Premises Deployment - You host the application yourself. You can download and carry out the deployment on your own at your premises. You need a server to host the application. For further inquiries please contact us at

3. Does QuickScrum provide any customization based upon specific customer requirements?

Please send us your suggestions regarding what kinds of features and functionality you need in QuickScrum. Our technical team will analyze your requirements, and if found genuine and practical, the facilities will be made available in future updates of QuickScrum. Please contact us on to send us your suggestions.

4. Do you provide QuickScrum Tool training?

Yes, we do offer specialised training for using QuickScrum based upon your requirements. Please contact us on with your training requirements.

5. How secure is QuickScrum?

QuickScrum is very secure, and ensures total privacy of your important data. The tool is hosted in a secured environment, and is also protected by effective firewalls. In addition, the tool employs the best, and the most effective security protocols available today. It is very safe to retain your data on our servers if you opt for your hosted tool options. In case you download our tool, QuickScrum would be protected by the security protocols and facilities set up in your computer or laptop.

6. Are there any chances of losing any of my data?

No, it is not possible. QuickScrum is painstakingly developed to ensure you don't suffer from data losses. We employ reliable technologies and proven methodologies to protect you against the loss of your important data. We also carry out data backup activities every six hours. So you are rest assured about your data loss.

7. Are my credit card details safe with QuickScrum?

Yes, absolutely. Our site complies with all the requirements, and adheres to the best practices recommended for a safe and secured credit or debit card transaction process. All the details linked with your credit card are securely stored and processed by us as per international statutes, and ethical practices followed by leading payment gateways.

8. Which browsers and platforms are compatible with QuickScrum?

The tool runs in all major browsers across platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.

9. Is QuickScrum available on mobile platforms?

No, not yet. Development is currently underway to support iPhone and Android mobile operating system devices, and the new version is likely to be launched soon.

10. How many user roles does QuickScrum support?

It supports three types of permission controls and accesses – product owner, team member, and administrator (company).

11. Is the information displayed by the QuickScrum always real time?

Yes, you can always avail the most recent and updated information while working with the tool. If you're working online, each information that you type in or activity you carry out is reflected instantly to other users.

12. Can I add on more users to the account?

Yes, it is possible to do so. If you log in as an administrator, you can access the admin features available on the tool and add users as per your need. However, the total number of new users will depend upon your subscription package. You cannot exceed the maximum number of permissible users stated in the package.

13. Could I own more than one account?

Yes, it is possible to own multiple accounts, however you need to log in with unique IDs and email accounts for each subscription.

14. How can I contact QuickScrum team for any technical or general queries or problems?

Please send us your queries and problems at, or call us on +33-629 302394. We are available 24 x 7 to answer your queries.