Does Scrum allow a 'backlog refinement meeting'?

Hello All, We work with a large product backlog and have to spend a lot of time in refining it. Does Scrum allow a "backlog refinement meeting"? We generally spend an hour approximately each working day to groom the product backlog. We are currently in our 7th sprint and have relaised it is very important for us to keep the product backlog groomed on a regular basis. This helps us to save time during the sprint planning sessions since we can't afford to waste time grooming the backlog during the session. I know it would not be a "standard" Scrum event and teams don't actually have such a meeting. However, considering the manner in which we implement Scrum such a meeting would help us deal with the refinement activity in a more organised way. The question is if we hold such a team are we "violating" Scrum in any way?

Posted By - Allan