Can A PO Be A Development Team Member?

Hi, I have a question for the Scrum community. The Scrum guide specifies the role of a PO. However, it does not say anything about what the ideal background of a PO should be. After reading the guide, I understand that even a PM can be a PO if s/he has a proper mind-set and familiar with what a PO’s role actually consist of. My question is can a development team member be a PO if s/he is experienced in Scrum and is familiar with the PO’s role? Asking the same question from another viewpoint, can a PO write code while performing his/her duties as a PO? Looking at it from a practical viewpoint, if a PO has technical background, would it not benefit the project more since the PO is aware about the difficulty levels while developing user stories?

Posted By - Karlos