Replacing an existing Scrum Master with a new one

I work in an organisation with 2 other Scrum Masters, so there are 3 of us in all. We have our own Scrum teams to facilitate. The management has decided to appoint a 4th Scrum Master in a month's time. As per the plan, the new SM will take over my team since he is more experienced. I started with my team 8 months ago. We went through a lot many initial problems regarding the implementation aspect, and over the months I have seen team members leave and come. Presently, the team is very well organised and we can easily collaborate while working. This is because the team has functioned as a single entity over the months and given the product increments. If the new SM is appointed in my place, I will have to start afresh with the new team and it will take some time to work out things. This can look bad during the evaluation and I would like to know how to go about this.

Posted By - Gabriel