Can the duration of a sprint review be reduced to save time?

The organisation I am working for is new to Scrum. We have a strict release date to deliver a MVP for the project and currently we are running late with development. As per our estimation, we cannot complete the project on time. There is a lot of pressure from the management to meet the deadline, and since last couple of weeks the project manager is insisting that the team should put in more working hours, and cut down upon the total time spent in Scrum meetings. One of the suggestions is to reduce the time of the review by half and hold the retrospective every alternate sprint i.e. one retrospective for every two sprints. The idea is to mitigate time so more time is made available to the DT for developing the stories. I would like to know whether this practice is recommended keeping the present scenario in mind. Up to what extent can Scrum events be curtailed to save time?

Posted By - Prakash