Should sprint reviews be public or private?

Our organisation is relatively new to Scrum. We follow a traditional Scrum pattern. My question is regarding the Sprint Review meeting - the official Scrum guide emphasises upon transparency and keeping the event open to all. However, in the organisation that I am working, the management prefers to keep the meeting closed i.e. only the Scrum team and the stakeholders attend the review. During the meeting, the team demonstrates the work done in the sprint in one part, and hold related discussions in the second part. The idea is to mitigate the amount of time spent in the meeting. This particular working does help to save time, however, there is one major drawback to this - the team gets a bare minimum of info from the stakeholders and the error correction principles in Scrum are not properly followed - as a result. I read the Scrum guide and it only mentions that the review should be an "open" meeting and the DT and stakeholders should collaborate to get positive results out of it. I would like to invite your thoughts regarding the review - should it be open or closed?

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