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Mrugesh Panchal is a director in Bharti Consulting Services SARL, an ISO 9001-2008 certified IT Service Provider Company having its headquarters in Clichy, France and its operations center in Vadodara, Gujarat – India. Mrugesh is a co-founder of the QuickScrum scrum tool, a powerful, easy to use, and “features rich” versatile scrum software supporting Agile and Scrum framework. The scrum project management tool is centered upon implementing Scrum framework into ongoing projects. To know more please visit www.QuickScrum.com.
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Quickscrum Cloud based Solution- Anytime, Anywhere Agile Project Management

How the Quickscrum Cloud Based Tool Works

    • The cloud consists of layers-mainly the back end layers and the front end layers. The front layers are the parts you see and interact with.
    • The back end consists of the hardware and the software architecture that delivers the data you see on the front end.
    • Clouds use a network layer to connect users' end point devices, like computers or smart phones, to resources that are centralised in a data centre.

Benefits of Cloud Based Solution

  • Flexibility

    Cloud-based scrum project management tools are ideal for business growth due to fluctuating bandwidth demands

  • Automatic software updates

    The greatest benefits of cloud based implementation is that software and security updates are taken care of by the service providers and these updates happen off-premises

  • Capital-expenditure Free

    Cloud computing reduces the high cost involved in maintaining hardware- simply pay as you go and enjoy a subscription-based model that’s suits to your cash flow

  • Work from anywhere

    It is possible to work from anyplace at anytime using cloud computing software - all you need is an internet connection

  • Security

    Security is important, expensive and should be maintained 24x7. We leverage economies of scale to provide security from far beyond anything you could practically perform on your own

  • Competitiveness

    Cloud computing based agile project management tools permit quick solution to smaller businesses team with better efficiency