Agile Project Management Software

If you plan to use an Agile project management software to expedite your development process, QuickScrum offers an approach that can aid project managers to get started with their Agile projects and start getting "things" done - right from day one! For most software development companies project development can prove to be overwhelming and difficult if the project is large or complex, but with our Agile management tool, you spend less time managing projects and find ample time to concentrate upon more important tasks - increasing productivity and completing project in time.

QuickScrum - Versatile Agile Project Management Software Tool

  • Developing projects on time and getting "the job done right"

  • Facilitating the team members to collaborate and increase productivity

  • Track project and team progress through live updates

  • Highly useful tool features and visual indicators to expedite development process

Effective Project Management Features

Break up large projects into smaller and easily manageable epics and user stories. Manage effective product backlog grooming sessions. Monitor and track your team progress using dynamic reporting features. Communicate, collaborate, and help team members to become more productive. Verify productivity and check individual team member performance. In all, get your product much closer to the projected business goals. Deliver success Agile projects.

Prioritize Product Backlogs

Groom or prioritize the product backlog and make it "sprint" friendly. Determine and state the business value of story points and carry out effective backlog grooming so important user stories get developed first - maintaining the business value of the project at all times.

Easy Creation Of User Stories

QuickScrum Agile project management software offers great flexibility while creating new user stories. Unique story creation features facilitate story management, and you can create, edit, and remove user stories without having to leave the page you're currently working on. In addition, you can also include the task name, description, status, and acceptance criteria while creating new stories.

Agile Resources Management

Define resources and allocate them to projects, sprints, and associate tasks to individual team members. Users can simultaneously access the dashboard features, which allow live update of current development status. Product owners and Scrum masters can monitor and track the entire Agile project using a single interface.