Scrum Software

QuickScrum's Scrum software is uniquely designed, from top to bottom, to fulfil the increasing requirements of software development companies all over the world. The Scrum tool is specially designed to scale and implement Scrum framework in your projects. The scrum tool actively supports small and large teams – if the team contains a few programmers or consists of over a hundred developers. QuickScrum aids organisations, large and small, to scale Scrum faster and efficiently in their ongoing projects.

QuickScrum - Versatile Scrum Software Tool

  • Creation of detailed user stories – title, description, acceptance criteria etc.

  • Time saving and easy product backlog refinement/grooming

  • Check and monitor current team velocity and progress

  • Easy-to-use Scrum tools features - Start using the tool right away!

Know more about QuickScrum Scrum project management tools features Quickscrum Tool Features

Dynamic Product Backlog Planning

User stories have to be appropriately explained in the product backlog so that the team members can properly understand them in details and offer productive development. QuickScrum Scrum software tool supports easy creation of detailed user stories and epics - concise titles for each user story, mention the acceptance criteria, link story points and values for estimation purposes, and even upload external files as well as documents to explain large or big-sized topics. The backlog Scrum software offers a hoard of other features.

Effortless Daily Scrum Planning

The daily scrum activity becomes very easy when the development team has easy and quick access to all daily sprint related information. QuickScrum's integrated Scrum planning software offers all relevant information on a single page - It is very easy to conduct productive daily scrums.

Easy Creation Of User Stories

Creating user stories in a Scrum management tool can often prove to be cumbersome or time consuming. Unlike many other Scrum tools, it is feasible to plan, create, and modify user stories “on-the-go” – you won’t have to leave the particular page you’re currently working on. One of the key features in the tool, the unique facility helps to save efforts, time, and prevent you from getting “side-tracked” with other activities.

Informative Burndown Charts

QuickScrum Agile Scrum software helps you to manage and visualize development tasks, and you can also check out the project velocity through detailed burndown charts.