Agile Methodology

A simple, straightforward, elegant, and easy to use Agile methodology implementation tool, QuickScrum offers dynamic product lifecycle management solutions which can enhance your product development activities and help you earn higher investment returns. The Agile tool empowers businesses and organizations to improve their product development processes through effective project planning features.

QuickScrum - Versatile Agile Methodology Tool

  • Easy creation of detailed user stories along with the acceptance criteria

  • Intuitive product backlog refinement/grooming

  • Track the project as well as team progress with live updates

  • Very easy to use Agile tools features – You can start implementing the web tool right away!

Dynamic Product Backlog Planning

Large sized backlogs can be easily created and maintained using dynamic story points and epics creation facilities. Using drag-and-drop product backlog items can be easily "moved around" in the backlog and "relocated" at the desired location. Backlog items can be created without "leaving the page" you are currently working upon.

Effortless Daily Scrum Planning

View the current task status. Plan, organise, and hold dynamic daily scrums. Scrum planning is facilitated through detailed information available of the comprehensive taskboard. Scrum masters and team members can use an intuitive interface to collaborate and plan development activities.

Easy Creation Of User Stories

Creating user stories can often prove to be a daunting task in most Agile Methodology implantation tools, but with QuickScrum you can create, edit, and remove user stories dynamically without “exiting” from your current activity. Set up user story details and allocate its priority in the product backlog using intuitive drag-and-drop features.

Informative Burndown Charts

View the team progress on a detailed timeline. The burndown exhibits working days in its default view. Detailed information can be availed regarding the current team velocity and it can be easily compared with the ideal velocity at which the team ought to perform.