Project Manager, CSM-Certified Scrum master, trainer and agile coach; I am enthusiast about technology and innovation. My motivation comes from acquiring and sharing my skills and knowledge and by helping people achieve their goals. I've been developing for years using JavaEE technology. I am co-owner and writer for the Technical blog "CoseNonJaviste" (


Omnia Group

2012 January - Present

Production Manager

Italy , ITALY

I deal with staffing projects, hiring and outplacement, human resources, technical training, coaching the area managers, using Jujitsu to negotiate Sales and Development area needs.


2014 August - Present

Technical Team Lead


Work as scrum master and agile coach in the team developing the IG Android trading platform.

Omnia Group

2009 September - 2010 March

Project Manager - "COI" project

Florence Area , ITALY

Project Manager in the "COI" Project (COntabilità Inventariale) for the customer Coop Italia. The product we developed is an account management software, which integrates JavaServer Faces with Business Object reports on DBMS Teradata. I managed a team of 7 people and I developed myself using JavaEE technology

Omnia Group

2006 September - 2007 March

Tech Leader - Movimoda Project

Florence Area , ITALY

Project Manager nel progetto AURORA per il nostro cliente MOVIMODA. Rifacimento di tutto il software di magazzino, utilizzando le tecnologie Microsoft (SQL Server 2005, Visual Basic .net 2005), con forte enfasi alla programmazione ad oggetti

Omnia Group

2004 September - 2005 January

Junior Developer

Florence Area , ITALY

Junior Developer - Developing using Visual Basic 6, PHP, PERL , HTML, ASP, JAVASCRIPT, CSS

Omnia Group

2012 October - 2012 October

Devops 2012

Rome Area , ITALY

I went to Rome for two days and learnt a lot of stuff on Devops, which I knew nothing beforehand. Many tools (like Ansible, Chef, Puppet) can really help you to make your development process much more efficient and new giant cloud vendors (like Amazon) can offer to host your application with affordable and flexible prices. Just give your customers a service that works, without the fuss of buying and maintaining hardware

Omnia Group

2010 November - 2011 September

Project Manager - "Bolle" Logistics Project

Prato Area , ITALY

I've been working on a project to develop a web application to manage the billing process for Coop Italia; the application had to run and be used via wi-fi also from the browsers of the PDAs used in the warehouse. I managed a team of 8 people developing with JavaEE technology: RichFaces, Eclipselink, IBM RAD and IBM Websphere 7.0 (clustered), DBMS Oracle 10g (RAC). During this project I strengthened my management skills and had the opportunity to face all the technical difficulties that arise in a really large enterprise software project (scaling, performance, concurrency, usability and so on).

Omnia Group

2010 May - 2010 July

Project Manager - "CheckList" project

Florence Area , ITALY

Project Manager in the project "CheckList" for the customer Coop Italia. We developed a web application written in JavaEE that can create specific workflows of activities needed for the rollout of all other web applications. It is possibile to draw the checklist and assign teams and task to each step in the flow. We have used IBM RAD and IBM Websphere 7, JSF (RichFaces), JPA (EclipseLink), DBMS Oracle 10g

Omnia Group

2007 May - 2008 May

Software Architect - "LGI" Project

Florence Area , ITALY

Omnia Group

2012 March - 2012 March

Technical Boot Camp Alfresco" - Attendee

Sesto Fiorentino , ITALY

Omnia Group

2013 June - 2014 August

Project Manager for real estate web portal

Florence Area , ITALY

Worked as Project Manager in a JavaEE development project; the goal of the project is to improve usability and convertion rate for the real estate web portal "", customer FIAIP. I managed a team of 5 people and I've been constantly working with the customer to gather requirements, give feedback on the status of the project, provide demos and supporting in every phase of the development of the new GUI for the portal.

Omnia Group

2013 June - 2013 July

Agile Coach Camp Italy 2013

Trento Area , ITALY

The 20, 21 and 22 June I was at this "unconference" for Agile Coaches and it really was a revelation for me: there were so many competent and skilled people, all of them willing to share their experience and knowledge, and I learnt a lot of things while having fun: how to help teams to be motivated, how to manage conflicts, how to coach people, which type of agile contracts are available, how to use storytelling to improve public speaking, I to support a team of organization in an agile transition; I really appreciated the "unconference" way of working: it leaves you the ability to influence the contents of the event and even how it is organized and you can get back home with a lot of hints that you can dig deeper afterwards; besides I have increased the quality and quantity of people in my network of connections

Omnia Group

2011 June - 2011 June

Speaker at Conference "Better Software 2011"

Florence Area , ITALY

Speaker at the conference "Better Software" (; my talk was about sharing my experience as Outsourcing Manager in my company, what worked for me, what didn't.

Omnia Group

2005 January - 2006 April

Developer - Project "Anabel CRN"

Florence Area , ITALY

Developer for the customer Coop Italia. Working on "Anabel CRN" a product that manages all the items sold by Coop Italia's point of sales and their vendors. GUI was made in PowerBuilder, business logic was written in PL/SQL, DBMS was Oracle 9. During this project I acquired a good knowledge of Oracle and PL/SQL development

Omnia Group

2008 February - 2010 June

Outsourcing Manager

Florence Area , ITALY

My main task was to facilitate effective communication between outsourcing vendors (mostly Indian) and the area manager that was willing to outsource part of the development on a project. I was in charge to verify clearness of requirements provided by our team and the acceptance of the software that was delivered back. I set up a methodology to work with, best practices, documentation templates and everything that could make this collaboration smoother and efficient

Omnia Group

2011 April - 2012 January

Technical blogger for devAPP

Sesto Fiorentino , ITALY

Dealing with Java and Adroid development




Project Manager - "CheckList" project

Web application J2EE per la gestione delle checklist relative alle attività informatiche per gli applicativi Coop Italia


  • Agile Methodologies
  • Agile Project Management
  • Web Applications
  • JBoss Application Server
  • Eclipse
  • Java Enterprise Edition
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Software Project Management
  • Scrum


  • Liceo Scientifico


    60/60, Maturità Scientifica

  • Università di Pisa

    108/110, Five year degree in Software Engineering


  • Certified Scrum Professional