Open to new positions, either freelance or permanent, part or full-time. Available now 15 hours / week and more in 1 month.
1. Senior Ruby / Postgres Backend Developer. Excited about Elixir and FP
2. Trainer of RSpec and Automated testing
3. Agile Coach / Product Owner
I have worked as the only remote engineer on the team and with teams where everyone is remote. I know which tools to use to stay connected and can integrate with your team.
Fluent in English / Spanish / French. Worked in France, the Netherlands, UK, Brazil, Spain and Germany. Remote worker for companies based in Germany and the United States for 4 years.
I have spoken at five Rails and Agile conferences about testing and regularly speak at user groups. Organized conference as a volunteer.



2006 September - Present

Agile coach, Ruby on Rails trainer and developer

Lyon Area , FRANCE


2013 March - Present

Lead Developer

Lyon Area , FRANCE

Product development with a distributed team of talented engineers in an Agile environment. Stack: github, Ruby 2.2, Rails 3.2, Postgres 9.4, Devise, ActiveAdmin, CanCan, DelayedJob, RSpec 3, cucumber, Bootstrap, coffeescript, AngularJS. Lead a remote team of 4 developers using remote pair programming and code reviews. Was also responsible for hiring 5 senior developers, through technical interviews and remote pairing sessions. Developed an internal web app for a top 5 pharmaceutical company over 2.5 years with a very high coverage: 2000 RSpec tests + 7500 cucumber steps. My contribution was 1700 commits. Served customers based in the US and India to specify (and sometimes simplify) complex business logic using "Specification By Example"? workshops and weekly demos. Conducted monthly Agile retrospectives to improve and reflect on our process. Major technical achievements: - I re-wrote large parts of CanCan authorization library to authorize users with 7000 roles and 50 permissions - We extended DelayedJob to organize "requeuing", monitor, prevent race conditions and configure background jobs - In order to scale the exponential growth of users and documents stored in the system, we went off the Rails: skipping ActiveRecord to generate specific Postgres SQL with Arel. (CTEs, Materialized Views, array functions, etc.) Provided system administration on Gentoo and Centos infrastructure to assist and manage Engine Yard employees.


2010 September - 2012 March

Ruby Senior Developer

Villeurbanne , FRANCE

Webapp to monitor photovoltaic panel production daily from satellite-data and production measured on sites. Stack: Ruby 1.9.3, Rails 2.3, mysql, Highcharts, JasperReports, RSpec 2, cucumber


2010 September - 2010 December

Ruby Senior Developer and Agile Coach

Grenoble Area , FRANCE

Worked mainly for Hespul as a Senior Developer and did some Agile consulting on the side (half a day or 1 day / week) to help with planning iterations and introduce Agile practices to partners and new customers.


2006 September - 2009 April

IT Volunteer / Ruby Developer

Barcelona Area , SPAIN

Developed a prototype of Bike sharing reservation system. Stack: Ruby on Rails 1.2.3, mysql


2007 September - 2008 April

Ruby Developer

Barcelona Area , SPAIN


2005 September - 2006 August

Java Senior Developper

Barcelona Area , SPAIN

Stack: Java, JUnit, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, SOAP, Eclipse Worked in Spanish and Catalan, writing XML configuration files on top of 5 frameworks to build web application that was impossible to unit test and very hard to maintain. When I discovered Ruby on Rails at the end 2005, I fell in love. I gave a talk at the first Rails conference in Spain about testing. I was one of the founders of the Barcelona Ruby user group in 2007 and also worked as a volunteer for Tractis startup to gain experience in Ruby.


2008 May - 2009 April

Ruby Developer

Barcelona Area , SPAIN

Weekly newsletter sent to 77K subscribers in two languages. Stack: Ruby Enterprise Edition, Passenger, Rails 2.1, mysql, amazon S3 Was the only developer working on frontend, backend and system administration.

Lyon.rb - Lyon Ruby Brigade

2011 March - 2011 June

Ruby Conference Organizer

Lyon Area , FRANCE

Worked 2 days / week for 3 months as a volunteer organizing the 2011 RuLu conference ( ). Cared for 100 attendees and, international speakers. Best food ever at a Ruby conference. Managed a budget of 10K€. Booked hotels, catering, took care of the logistics with speakers and the venue, etc. Acted as the 1st president of Lyon Ruby Brigade Association, taking care of all necessary paperwork and responsibilities.


2012 June - 2013 February

Ruby Senior Developer

Lyon Area , FRANCE

Rails bootstrap for a dashboard webapp that aggregates data from a voIP testing platform. Stack: Rails 3.2, Postgres, coffeescript, Highcharts, Highstock, mocha and chai for testing JS

BioMed Central

2003 January - 2004 October

Java Lead Developper


BioMed Central is a scientific publishing house that provides online research services that highlight the most interesting papers published in the biological sciences. Stack: Java, Junit, Struts, Oracle 10i Responsible for migrating a family of sites from ASP to Java. Lead Developer of a team of 3 developers and 1 Designer.

Consulting firms

1998 February - 2001 September

Backend Developer

Paris , FRANCE

Employed by consulting firms Optium and Degetel, to develop new projects in various sectors: travel agency, bank, insurance company and in public administration. Started with web applications in 1999. Stack: NatStar, Sybase, sqlserver, oracle, ASP, Java, Struts

2009 April - 2010 July

Ruby Senior Developper

Berlin Area , GERMANY

Donation platform for German NGOs. Stack: Scrum, Pivotal Trackers, Ruby 1.8.7, Rails 2.3, mysql, memcached, HyperEstraier (full text search), Beanstalk (in memory queue) Took over a 2 years old code base as the sole developer in 2009 and then hired a CTO and 2 other developers to join the team. Worked on site for the first two months and then spent onw week per month in Berlin; the rest was remote. Scaled the donation API and conducted numerous refactorings on the payment and accountability system, to simplify and replace (evil) AR callbacks and Rails Observers.



May 2015

Agile coach, Ruby on Rails trainer and developer

Code review, optimizations of backend layer & recommendations about best practices


  • Testing
  • Training
  • Web Applications
  • Coaching
  • Test Driven Development
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Ruby
  • Agile Methodologies


  • Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard


    Masters, Computer Science

  • University of Oslo (UiO)


    6 weeks summer course (Master level), Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, A