In my spare time I try to read and search about my job and also I like to write about what I do. In this direction I build a website which is I like to keep it up to date. Nowadays I write more articles.
-->Management Approaches
* Agile Project Management
* Scrum
* Kanban
* Lean
* Waterfall
-->Agile Engineering Practices
* Pair Programming
* Continuous Integration
* Continuous Delivery
* Continuous Deploy
* Minimum Viable Product
-->Traditional Project Management - aka Waterfall
* Analysis - Development - Testing - Integration - Production
* Change management
* Staff management
* Project planning
* Resource management
* Risk management
* Product development
* Contract administration
* Process improvement
* C#
* VB.Net
* MS Sql
* MySql
* DB2
* Firebird
* Java Script
* JQuery
* Tortoise SVN
* Devex
* Virtual Post
* Fast Report
* Data Warehousing
* Soa
* Restful Services
* Soap
* Xml
* Html


Pos Destek Prof.Barkod

2012 September - 2013 May

Senior Developer

Istanbul , TURKEY

In Pos Destek I built a cash register application. This project includes Front Office application and Back Office application. Simply it has levels. The sub unit, it is Store or Warehouse. The datas which are collected in this unit from different cash registers that enters database and sends to a higher level "Region" via agents. Same logic works for Region and Company. Center is the highest level in the hierarchy. This project consists of 115 forms and more than 130 tables.


2014 October - 2015 March

Agile Coach

Istanbul , TURKEY

I help people, teams and organizations drive growth, deliver better quality services with reduced costs. I do this by creating smart, sustainable and highly collaborative workplaces that creates transparent accountability and a natural growth of trust. To get there I help organizations design complex services for the modern technology and make the cultural changes that are needed to transform business. I teach people simple principles and practical techniques that serve them throughout their careers. I help them create a feedback - driven learning culture that enables people to take both responsibility and ownership, innovate, adapt and respond to future change. I have a deep knowledge about Agile approaches especially Scrum and I like to share my knowledge with people who want to learn more and use it in their business.

Turkiye Finans Participation Bank

2013 October - 2014 October

Scrum Master & Developer at Data Warehouse

Istanbul , TURKEY

In data warehouse team I have worked different projects which are mainly needs of different Business Units. On the other hand I worked with 3rd part tool i.e. BASEL, BASEL II, KKB, NBSM. In the first period of working, the organization was using traditional project management method a.k.a waterfall. In this time I just had a role in development cycle. After organization decided to use Agile approaches specially Scrum, I have been chosed as a Scrum Master of Data Warehouse Team. In this time I had responsibilities as a developer and a Scrum Master.


2013 May - 2013 October

Datawarehouse and Business Intelligence Consultant

Istanbul , TURKEY

Project's name is Tulip. I took part in Citi Bank team of Getron. After Citi's retail banking sold, I started to work to build an application which is used for organizing datas in files to give them to buyer bank. I examined the applicatons like services, sql jobs are within Tulip project. After sale, I begun exploring that applications of retail banking has any effect on applications of corporate banking. Then all retail banking's applications are closed and ended. During system integration credit card which must be closed had been delivered to buyer bank in their hosts. Also credit cards' information like final status, points, miles are delivered to buyer bank in files. Project's name is CBT(Central Bank Negative List Reporting). A SSIS application is for that list of Citibank's customers who has personal loan and credit cards which has negative status sends periodically to Central Bank in every month. SignNet is an application. User can look for customers' signature in banking transactions, loan transactions, etc via customers' name, surname or customer' number. Then user can compare signatures of customer in files.


2010 July - 2011 February


Istanbul , TURKEY

I simultaneously started to work in 2 jobs after my school finished. First one is GEAH and second one is Teknasoft. What I did in Teknasoft; At the begining of job in Teknasoft I had been told for searching different kind of issues which are like Exchange Server 2010 SP 1. I wrote an article about it which is published at, or how to send an email via SMTP. I helped to build a web application via using API of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and FriendFeed. It took 4 months. The project was called WIC(We are In Communication).

Eryaz Software

2011 February - 2012 October

Senior Developer

Istanbul , TURKEY

First of all, at EBT I built a windows application that is mostly used for automotive and spare part industry in Turkey. I visited so many cities like Ankara, Antalya, Trabzon, Izmir, Hatay, Kayseri, Bursa, Adana. The application provided communication between the center of companies and the dealers. It consists of 3 parts. B2B This part have been seeing by last users, customers and sales representatives. It is called B2B. People use it for giving an order, looking at their bills, freight bills, current action, payments and loans or debts. Additionally, they can look at the campaigns and can see their order which is approved or not. Plus, if they want to pay their orders or old bills, they can use the virtual pos which is integrated by me. I built over 90 virtual pos project for different companies from different banks. Moderator Second part is the management panel which is named Moderator. Users can make change on products, customers, accounts, users or orders, etc. Users of Moderator basically approve orders that means orders post on ERP they are using. You have to make it in database. Also Users can create various campaigns. They can have multiple reports for accounts, orders, products, users, groups of products, groups of vehicles even they can have reports about what and when customer search anything. SYNC Last part provides synchronization for the system. It syncs B2B's Database and ERP's Database. I worked many various ERPs like MS Navision, CPM, Gold, Go, Go Plus, Tiger, Netsis, Netsim, Mikro, Mega, Eta, Noktabarkod, etc. Virtual Pos I built more than 90 virtual pos projects from many various banks like Garanti, Akbank, Denizbank, Vakifbank, Halkbank, Ziraat, Is Bank, YKB etc. I used normal virtual pos, 3D half secure and 3D secure technologies while building them.


2009 August - 2010 November


Istanbul , TURKEY

In 3.year of my studentship I started to work for Goztepe Egitim Arastirma Hospital(GEAH). I studied at Marmara University during the day and after that between 5 and 12 pm I was in the office. After 12 pm, if there would have been any problem, first i was trying to solve it from home via phone. If I could not solve the problem by this way then I was going to office to fix the problem during the night. I was working seven days in a week. Last 4 months at GEAH, after my school finished, I had started to work for another company too. The name of company is Teknasoft. It was my daily office and GEAH was the my nighty office.



  • Agile Methodologies
  • Agile & Waterfall Methodologies
  • Data Warehousing
  • Scrum
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • VC#


  • Marmara University


    BS, Computer and Control Teaching


  • Professional Scrum Master I
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner I