Deepak is a versatile and experienced professional with over a decade in Agile space as developer, technical expert, manager, process consultant and now as co creator of Agilesattva. Having worked for many years on Agile transformations, he firmly believes that goal of Agile is to create self sustained, self organised and self reliable systems. Its about “Being Agile” rather than “Doing Agile”.

Deepak has experience working with a wide range of companies – from large organisations like Nokia India, Societe Generale, to mid sized companies like Tarento Technologies and start ups like Innvo Systems.

His method of coaching is organic and sustainable as it proactively involves the system (team/organisation) in every step of transformation to build an effective process. He is known for experiential, reflective and activity based trainings. This involves setting up open spaces, role plays, games, discussions, role reversal, etc.

Deepak is also actively engaged with various industry bodies and has presented at conferences like Agile India, Regional Scrum Gathering and has been on review panel and organising groups of such conferences.

He is an engineering graduate in Computer Science and also has a Masters in psychotherapy. He has also undergone training in Transactional Analysis (TA) OD and is currently a CTA Trainee in TA psychotherapy. He integrates Transactional analysis (a social psychology developed by Dr. Eric Berne MD in 1970) and Agile to make the transformation more effective. He also uses Psychodrama (an action method developed by Jacob L. Moreno MD) in coaching the teams.



2015 June - Present

Agile Coach, Co Creator

Bengaluru , INDIA

Deepak has extensive experience of using Agile frameworks like Scrum and Kanban, he believes that approaching transformation/coaching using systemic lens is more effective instead of retro-fitting the existing frameworks. He also believes that the system (team/organisation) should drive the Agile Transformation. These believes led him to develop System Driven Transformation(SDT) approach for Agile transformations along with his colleague and co creator of AgileSattva.

Independent Consultant

2014 July - Present

Agile Coach

Bengaluru , INDIA

Passion to work with versatile teams and organization. My work focus on Leadership, Development Teams and also Client groups! I feel all the three are important sections in the organization. I integrate my OD Learnings of Transactional Analysis theory into Agile transformation.

The Adhyapana Trust

2010 January - Present

Chairman, Co-Founder

Bengaluru , INDIA

Co-founder, and also share the responsibility of Handling scholarships and Training

Tarento AB

2011 October - 2013 February

Project Manager

Bengaluru , INDIA

Societe Generale

2013 March - 2014 July

Agile Coach

Bangalore , INDIA

BITS Univesity

2010 January - 2011 August

Visiting Faculty.

Bengaluru , INDIA

I have been visiting faculty for BITS Pilani, Corporate Training Programs held in the campus of corporate companies. I have handled courses for M.S. students in subjects like: Operating Systems Structure Programming. Database Management Systems Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns.


2007 January - 2007 July

Software Engineer


PIM applications Team, Module Lead for Alarm and Notes app. Involved in Low Level and High Level Designing for the apps. Involved in General Review and Refactor of code base.

Nokia India pvt ltd

2007 August - 2011 September

Software Engineer

Bengaluru , INDIA

I am working as Senior engineer for Nokia

Innvo Systems

2005 August - 2007 January

Software Engineer

Bengaluru , INDIA

I started my career with Innvo Systems Software Labs Pvt. Ltd. after my graduation. The projects that I was involved were: MMI (Man Machine Interface): Where we started with some basic MMI design emulators. The platform that was used in this was Java. IMPS (Instant messaging and Presence Services - Wireless Village): IMPS is a protocol specified by OMA for chat and presence services. Involved in Design and Implementation of this project. XML packet formation, parsing, WBXML conversion, Handling responses from network, State table information. MMS: Involved in refactoring and designing State Machines.

Nokia India pvt ltd

2010 April - 2011 September

Senior Software Engineer

Bengaluru , INDIA

In Nokia, started my role as a developer in Instant Messaging Team. Took up Scrum Master role since 4 years now for teams ranging from 4 to 8 members. Took up delivery incharge of common programs like 3.2 and 5.0 for Instant Messaging to the platform (involved co-ordinating with multiple teams). Involved in cordinatio and implementation of Instant Messaging requirements to operators (involved co-ordinating with product management team of Yahoo, Platform, and Orange) Last assignment in Nokia was WRT team since 8 months, and took up the role of scrum master.



  • Agile Methodologies
  • Agile Project Management
  • Mobile Applications
  • Software Engineering
  • Java
  • Design Patterns
  • Product Management
  • Scrum
  • XML
  • Android
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Devices
  • Eclipse
  • Linux
  • Project Management
  • Object Oriented Design
  • OOP
  • Programming
  • Turbo C++
  • Unit Testing


  • TA OD group 2012, Bangalore


  • R.N.S Institute of Technology


    B.E., Computer Science

  • A.P.S Polytechnic


    Diploma, Computer Science

  • Christ High School